Why Tom Hardy Should Not Play James Bond After Daniel Craig

No Way To Die is now in your nearest theatres. The movie is being considered a rousing success because of the overly positive reception by the early audiences. A Bond movie is always fun to watch, especially when it’s the last outing of the present Bond. Daniel Craig gives us another look into the life of a retired 007. Ever since it was confirmed that No Time To Die will be Craig’s last Bond movie, the fandom has been hard at speculation. The bookies say that the next Bond will be Tom Hardy. However, We think that Tom Hardy should not play James Bond.

The reason why Daniel Craig worked so well was that he brought Grimm realism to the Bond Story. Up until now, Bond was the gentleman spy. Leaping into action with the same grace as some might approach a dance. Saving the world and ruining supervillains’ lives all in one evening. Home in time for a Vodka Martini, shaken not stirred. It is quite amazing how Craig went from that to a Bond that blows up almost every building he enters. The suave action hero style mixed in with blood veins bursting all over the screen.


The crazy truth about Craig Bond movies is that they let us play out our deepest desires of being a super spy who wrecks the house of the evil genius and romances the lady. How else do you explain the gratuitous inclusion of Ana De Armas in the movie? Just a blatant shoe-horning of a beautiful lady, an object to be desired, the cliche ‘Bond girl’. Only present to complete the ode to the classic formula, with no relevance to the larger plot. But I digress, Tom Hardy is a suave British gentleman. But he brings nothing new to the franchise.


Tom Hardy Should Not Play James Bond

Don’t get us wrong. Hardy is an excellent actor and one with international credibility to boot. There’s a reason why he is trending as the top choice for the character. But the choice of Hardy is both a boon and a terrible curse for the fandom. We are charmed by Craig’s action-focused approach. Not a silver younger Bond, but a fact to act trigger happy mercenary spy. A gunslinger, the Cowboy Bond. That is the energy we get from this character. Much the same energy is housed by Hardy.


The fandom is so blinded by the charm of what is that they have chosen to ignore what can’t. There is no imagination in this choice. Tom Hardy should not play James Bond. In fact, no action hero should play Bond. The role should go back to a person like Pierce Bronson or someone else with the charm of Sean Connery. Without mixing up the formula, the franchise is doomed to repetition. Doomed to create the same action loop without giving us much content to chew on.


Hardy is a robust action hero, he can even pull off some goofy comedy. But he cannot be the gentleman spy. I mean, we would love to see him be a part of the Bond Franchise. But maybe as a villain or a very strong henchman rather than playing the titular 007. Regardless, Hardy is too old to play Bond anyway. He is 43, and to start a Bond movie in the next 2 years would mean that the studio wants to give us a franchise of a much older Bond than before. We don’t have a problem with that, per se…


Bond Never Dies

The next time we see Bond, and if he is played by Tom Hardy then there is a good chance that Bond will die in some capacity in the next franchise. The movie series has teased the death of James Bond for years. It is the staple of the series to create tension for an end-all story. Although, everyone knows that that’s studio will never stop milking this franchise. Just like Marvel never stop milking its Cinematic Universe. But I digress. An older Bond will increase the likelihood of the retirement trope being true this time around. So we think that Tom Hardy should not play James Bond.

Instead, the owners could try someone like Richard Madden, if not someone as big as Tom Hiddleston or Henry Cavill. Although Cavill has got his own franchise (Argyle), so he may never be Bond.


What do you think about these suggestions? Do you think we are right or are we completely off the mark? Let us know in the comments. Also tell us who else should play James Bond.

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