Apple Could Acquire Disney Due to Recent Stock Crash. Here’s Everything to Know

Apple Acquire Disney (Recent Stock Crash):

Coronavirus has taken a massive toll on the world. It has put major countries in the world in lockdown. Entertainment and sporting events are all getting delayed. Box Office has been at a 22 year low. The Stock market has taken a major hit and the world is taking countermeasures for everything. There has been a big loss to the entertainment industry and production houses like Disney. Disney has been hit the hardest amongst these production houses as movies had to be delayed, Pixar’s Onward didn’t sell as big at the Box Office since the Chinese & European markets have shut down their cinemas, and Walt Disney World and Disneyland theme parks have been forced to shut down as well. All this has seemingly put Apple in a position to acquire Disney.

Apple Acquire Disney Recent Stock Crash

The mouse house was on its quest to rule the world, but according to THR, the various implications of Coronavirus all over the world have put Disney in the crosshairs of its own acquisition by Apple. The hit on the entertainment industry has caused Disney’s stock to crash below the $100 mark last week. On Friday, Walt Disney Co.’s stock rose to $102.52 as there was an 11% increase. Although, Disney has still incurred an additional loss of $85 billion, i.e. almost 1/3rd of its market capital. Just imagine, the massive year that Disney had in 2019 now seems to have gone in wain. While all this is happening, Apple is thriving as their stock jumped by 12 percent to $277.92.

Apple Acquire Disney Recent Stock Crash

Rosenblatt Securities analyst Bernie McTernan has given a statement that Disney’s stock crash could lead to the biggest acquisition of a company in history. He wrote in his research report:

“We believe those with long-time horizons, like mega-cap companies with large cash balances and whose equity outperformed Disney over the last three weeks, like Apple, could take advantage of the volatility.”

So if Apple buys most of Disney’s stock and gains ownership over the company, they could actually hold a massive monopoly over the world. Why? Because it is highly likely Disney’s stock will only rise from this point and never go so low again. Over time, Disney has been expanding their arsenal under the leadership of Bob Iger. They acquired Pixar in 2006. In 2009, they took over Marvel Studios, and the MCU is now the biggest movie franchise ever. 2012 saw the acquisition of Lucasfilm, and as recently as last year, we saw Disney absorb 20th Century Fox. Moreover, they launched their own streaming service – Disney+, which has been faring well against the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. Apple will get control over Disney+ and Disney’s massive catalogue, and their AppleTV could also become successful if Apple gets Disney.

Apple Acquire Disney Recent Stock Crash

Karma has arrived to bite Disney in the a**. The company that was buying everything is now on the verge of being bought. Obviously nothing is confirmed yet. But, it really troubles us to see Disney suffering. That’s because Disney’s suffering will lead to delays in the release of major MCU and Star Wars projects. Black Widow is on the verge of being delayed. Productions have been halted, which will lead to even more delays.

Hopefully, Disney will take some countermeasures. They could release Black Widow directly on Disney+. That will further lead to more subscriptions. In fact Disney could actually raise the subscription costs for the release month of Black Widow so they could earn more. A sudden resurgence in subscriptions could lead to the rise in Disney’s stock, and thus the ones who are losing their jobs could get their jobs back in the time of crisis.

Apple Acquire Disney Recent Stock Crash

It’s funny how we wanted for Apple to take over Sony last year so the rights for Spider-Man would revert back to Marvel. And now we’re hearing reports that Apple could actually take over Disney instead. Let’s hope that Disney will manage to climb out of this deep ditch they’ve fallen in.

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