12 Times Movie Characters Repeated The Same Mistake

Hundreds of thousands of artists come to Hollywood with big dreams. In spite of so many applications, there is a lack of creativity and originality. The powerful influencers take the front seat and keep copying one another while the fresh minds find it difficult to make it to the big screen. It’s one thing to repeat a cliche scene in every movie but a whole other thing to show the same mistake over and over again.  By now, even the audience what’s going to happen next and expect the characters to better than doing these dumb things. Find out the 10 times movie characters repeated the same mistake.

Don’t Judge A Creature By Its Size

Everyone knows better than petting an unknown dog or cat without ensuring their nature. We even check a human baby’s temper before touching it. But in “Prometheus”, “Jurassic Park” and similar movies, the geniuses thought baby aliens and dinosaurs were cute and harmless. Won’t be surprised if the girl grows up having trust issues.

Experiment On Oneself

“The Fly”, “Hollow Man” “The Incredible Hulk” and “Flatliners” have one thing in common. The titular characters in these movies were the brave-hearts who experimented on themselves only to regret it later. When will they ever learn?


It is so easy to crack passwords of top-secret documents and vital people in movies and way tougher to unlock your partner’s phone (kidding, never tried J).   Louis Lane’s password in “Superman Returns” was SUPERMAN. She didn’t even use a numerical! Dillinger’s password to access The Master Control Program in Tron was “MASTER”. Please change your password if it is PASSWORD.

The Heroes Will Die Eventually (or Not)

Who makes these creatures villains? Their job is to develop a creative plan (must be innovative) to kill the hero but forget to ensure if they are really dead (just like every other movie). In Superman, the powerful god-like Superman was assumed to be gone for good because he was thrown in the water with kryptonite around his neck. Even I double-check my palms if the mosquito is really gone.  John McClane and Zeus Carver were left on a ship, handcuffed, which was about to explode.

Challenge To Combat

Do these characters simply love to fight or are they that foolish to challenge their nemesis without planning? Some mess with people like Clarke Kent in spite of knowing their strength. How dumb do you have to be to do that? And then Tony Stark challenges a terrorist organization by revealing his address on national television and didn’t even prepare himself for the attack.

Stop Shooting Already

Why do the cops and soldiers shown in movies keep shooting Godzilla and General Zod when they know that it won’t work? What would you do if a Terminator charged at you and doesn’t get affected by your bullets? Will you keep shooting harder like a fool or RUN? But the actors were only paid to continue firing in “Godzilla”, “The Incredible Hulk”, and “Man of Steel”.

What’s With The Button Curiosity

Why do characters keep pressing buttons without knowing their function or possible danger? This is not a bathroom switch at your friend’s place. These are unknown buttons on weapons and pressing them is not the ideal way to find out their functions. Prometheus, The Fifth Element, and The Rocketeer have taught us the same life lesson.

Going Near The Dangerous Prisoner

You would expect the cops or guards to know better than falling for a psychotic criminal trap. At least the movies have ordinary people like us to stay away from cunning yet crazy homicides. Now, look what happened to the two cops in “The Silence of the Lambs” and “The Dark knight” who went near Hannibal Lector and Joker, respectively. They walked right into the lion’s cage.

Stop Being So Gullible

Be it, Selina Kyle, in “Batman Returns” or Danny Witwer in “Minority Report” or Danny Zorn in “Bourne Supremacy”, these characters end up sharing personal things with bad people. Whenever someone spills something to a stranger, we already know the end of it.

Not Using Powers

The most annoying moment in movies is when the characters decide to suffer and cry about it rather than using their powers. Why to familiarize us with Gandalf’s powers as he rescued Faramir by using his staff against Nazgul when he refused to use it later in “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King”? Similarly, Bruce forgot that he was god and could rewrite history when his girlfriend caught him kissing someone else in “Bruce Almighty”.


What is up with the sudden obsession to waxing? From “The 40 Years Old Virgin” to “What Women Want” and “The Hit Chick”, directors cannot move on from the waxing joke. Yes, it hurts and we don’t know why the characters go ahead with it anyway. A guy being normal about it would still be something new to watch.

Don’t Believe Children

It isn’t uncommon for children to make up stories and for adults to shun them off completely as utter nonsense. But even parents in real-life attempt to go to some depths when their child makes a claim. But in “Mathilda”, the parents ignored their kids when they revealed the Principal’s torturing ways. Similarly, the cops shut their eyes to Ferris’ sister when she reports to them about Ed Rooney breaking into their house.

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