15 Things That Could Happen in Avengers 4

Avengers Infinity War came out on April 27th, 2018. The movie showcased Thanos’ rampage throughout the universe as he captured one Infinity stone after other. The Mad Titan was too powerful for the Avengers and in the end, the heroes were powerless to stop him. Now that the half of all life in creation has been decimated we can look forward towards the final climax of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the form of the final Avengers movie marking the end of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase three. The entire ride of the MCU has been rather bumpy but fans expect a beautiful finale. So here are, as a preview, are 15 things that fans will find happening in Avengers 4 as posted by meme_abstinent on Reddit.

 1. The Sokovia Accords are Effectively Worthless

Things that will happen in Avengers 4

When Marvel first announced Civil War, the entire fandom was overjoyed that Captain America will finally take on Iron Man in an epic showdown. The premise for these two comrades in arms fighting each other in the comics was the superhero registration act that forced all the superheroes to register their alter egos with the government. When Iron Man stood with the American government, Steve Rogers chose freedom while the premise in the movie leaned more towards Bucky and the Sokovia accords. Both of those reasons will now be non-existent in Avengers 4.

 2. Tony is Leading the New S.H.I.E.L.D.

It is expected that Avengers 4 will have a big time jump after the events of Infinity War. The main reason for this time jump will be to establish the misery of the surviving heroes. It is the job of the Avengers to save the universe. They lost and now they must suffer. And there is no worse punishment than wallowing in your own misery as you live among the very people you failed. It is likely that in this post, Avengers Infinity War desolate era Tony has become even more hardened than he was before. If that is the case then there is a good chance that Stark will be running an organization that would’ve effectively replaced S.H.I.E.L.D. after Fury’s death.

 3. Tony is Trying his Best

The snap killed half of all life in creation but the man who was most affected by it was none other than Tony Stark himself. The Avenger fought the Titan on his home ground and lost miserably. Iron Man fell to the might of the Mad Titan. He could not even protect his friends, no matter how hard he tried, and to top it all of his protégé was dusted right in front of his eyes. It seems rather obvious that Robert Downey Jr. will be extremely passionate about reversing the snap come Avengers 4.

 4. Time Jump in the Begining

It is rather obvious that we will not be picking up from where Infinity War left off. The loss is boring; we want to see redemption and Avengers 4 has to be about doing something more than moping around. The start of the movie is supposed to be set in the not so distant future post-Thanos’ snap. The idea would be to showcase a future of misery before the Avengers reverse it for a soft reboot.

 5. A Mega Large Team-up Scene

Infinity War managed to put 40 main characters in one movie but they never show up in one frame. We have snippets from all over Infinity War where some of the other characters are missing. But it is expected that Avengers 4 will feature a scene where all the characters exist in one frame. This might as well be the final hail Mary when Avengers take on the Mad Titan to put him down for good, finally.

 6. Okoye and Rocket Team-up

“Get up general, this is no place to die” – Black Panther’s last words

Ever since T’Challa was lost to the snap, it is widely expected that either Okoye or Shuri will take centre stage in Avengers 4. There is also a possibility that we will see Okoye teaming up Rocket Raccoon for story purposes. This can be evidenced by the fact that Danai Gurira mentioned in an interview that Okoye has a hard time adjusting to Rocket’s personality.

 7. Hulk and Rocket Team-up

Russo brothers once mentioned that some of their favourite scenes from Avengers 3 and 4 will be the scenes where Hulk and Rocket are together. Given the fact that we are yet to see any footage of Hulk at all with Rocket Raccoon, it can be expected that the superheroes will be paired up in Avengers 4. It would definitely be interesting to see the reaction of the Hulk towards a small and feisty racoon-like Rocket.

 8. Captain Marvel will Save Scott

It is largely speculated by fans that Captain Marvel is stuck in the quantum realm during the events of Avengers: Infinity War. Although it is also entirely possible that Carol is actually in space and she may use quantum realm to traverse back to earth. We don’t know whether the quantum realm can benefit in large distance travel but if Captain Marvel does enter the quantum realm then she will definitely be the one to save Scott Lang from the quantum realm.

 9. Steve Rogers’ Death will Amend the Sokovia Accords

It is a widely known fact that Chris Evans’ contract has not been renewed by Marvel studios after Avengers 4. The current contract will see the actor (presumably) don his uniform for the last time in Avengers 4. If that is the case, then it is also expected that the remaining heroes in violation of the Sokovia accords will be pardoned by the US government after the heroic death of Captain America, effectively nullifying the accords.

 10. Hawkeye and Roger will be the Ones to Die

There is going to be a lot of death and destruction in the upcoming Marvel movies. Fans expect to see mayhem to the tune of genocide and world ending calamities. Thanos is a huge threat and no fan believes that the Avengers will walk out of this final confrontation without losses. We already know that Captain America will be making his final appearance in Avengers 4 but one more hero who’s expected to bite the bullet is Hawkeye. Fans are of the impression that the archer has reached the end of his line in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

 11. Thanos will Die or be Trapped in the Soul Stone

The final confrontation of Avengers 4 is expected to be rather heartbreaking and tenacious battle sequence. The entire movie is supposed to be an uphill battle for the Avengers and the end will be just as satisfying as the battle itself. The expected result seems to be either death of Thanos or his spirit being trapped in the Soul Stone. Either punishment will not make up for the transgressions of the Mad Titan against life.

 12. Gamora is Alive

The death of Gamora was one of the highlights of Infinity War. The scene symbolized that even the Mad Titan loved something in this universe. And the Titan was ready to sacrifice anything and everything for realizing his vision of balancing the universe. This vision is what killed Gamora. But fans expect that Gamora is not actually dead but simply trapped in the Soul Stone and at the end of Avengers 4, she and Thanos will switch places.

 13. Mutants will be introduced

The final battle of Avengers 4 is expected to be a drawn-out affair where both sides seek to gain control over the Infinity Gems. The centre of the plot will always be these powerful singularities that have the capability to control the entirety of space-time. It is expected that as Avengers 4 reaches its climax, we will see a second snap using the Infinity Gauntlet. But this snap will be to undo all of Thanos’ evil schemes. *all of them*. And it is entirely possible that the people brought back with this snap are somehow enhanced to become the X-Men.

 14. More Eternals References

The premise of Avengers 4 is that of a cosmic battle against the might of the Mad Titan. But when we talk about the cosmic scale of things in anything, Marvel we cannot ignore the existence of Eternals. The Eternals are the oldest beings in the Marvel universe and it is entirely possible that the Eternals will play a major role in the events of Avengers 4.

 15. The Startek Gauntlet

If there is a time jump after the events of Infinity War then the fans can rest assured that Tony would be working like crazy to figure out a way to undo all of the snap madness that Thanos caused. It is expected by the fans of the series that Iron Man will use his knowledge of tech and his ingenious intellect to craft a device to house the six Infinity stones to rival the might of Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet. But who will be the one to wear this gauntlet? Of course, none other than Tony Stark himself.

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