3 Movies That You Should Watch On Big Screens

This year, the flock of moviegoers has been really low in theaters around the world with few movies were able to bring up traction for themselves. Besides that, with the ever-increasing demand and home media, people have cut down on spending money to watch movies in theaters. Online downloads, expensive tickets, and live streaming have diminished the range of crowd at the theaters. So here we are talking about three movies that you should watch on big screens. Big is good !

1. Star Wars


The space opera is not a small-screen movie franchise. This is packet full of joy, future dreams, and Jungian archetypes. Try to watch it with a theater full of fans and you would feel like a maniac when you would see the Millennium Falcon explodes into hyperspace. And if you have watched this scene thousand times before then, then it would be a new one for you on the big screen.

2. Mad Max: The Fury Road


This 2015’s action movie set a new level in the world of action movies. This film was the peak point for George Miller, who successfully gave the depth to the characters. The high-definition graphics and 3-D effects embody why we should watch this movie on a big screen. With sandstorms and bizarre and monstrous vehicles. So go and watch it on the big screen.

3. Avatar

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Avatar is one of the highest grossing movies in the film industry. With spectacular visuals, the story of the movie failed to convince the audience and it didn’t cause any lasting impact on the pop culture. People don’t like to see this movie in theatres anymore. However, apart from its story, the movies give a feeling of more like a green theme park and gives an experience of alien life. It may not be a great blockbuster but it’s worth watching on the big screens.

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