Here’s The Secret Plan of Doctor Strange In Spider-Man: No Way Home

MCU has taken a dramatic turn toward the absurd by opening up to the Multiverse. Their interconnectedness has now taken up a whole new dimension in terms of complexity. Starting from something like a single movie franchise and now diversifying into the multiverse takes the vision that only Marvel Studios had. Regardless, now we have come to the juncture where everything is about to sync back up come the release of Spider-Man No Way Home. This is regarding the multiverse and the What If…? series intersecting. We have a Reddit theory for you that might change how you look at the No Way Home trailer. We are about to reveal the secret plan of Doctor Strange in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

u/noobmaster69_is_loki posted this theory in r/fantheories:

…..It is not out of character for Strange to do some crazy shit with sorcery given enough reason, which is why he abused the powers of the time stone in the first movie and Infinity War, as well as being reckless both in the movies and comics all the time. If anything, the 4th episode of What If showed us that Strange is an arrogant man with good intentions, and in this case helping a friend in need.

Secret Plan of Doctor Strange

He continued:

 ….Strange is probably aware that the multiverse is opened thanks to Loki, and someone dangerous like Wanda as the Scarlet Witch is hanging around. Given that he has to fix the multiverse anyway, why not bring someone around while helping them? To me the team up makes sense, and we should be wary of Kang’s agenda more than Strange’s. That said, it is entirely possible that there’s more than one Strange in the movie just as there’s probably more than one Spidey, just that we should be introduced with the real Strange first.


The Theory

The user seems to suggest that all the theories saying that the Strange in No Way Home trailer is a fake hold no water. He even goes on to say that this is because Marvel doesn’t want to disappoint fans by misleading them. While we may not agree with the second half of the sentence, we still think that Doctor Strange in the trailer is the true one. Marvel does enjoy misleading us in the trailers and marketing content but we cannot imagine them doing the same with Strange when we already know the backstory to Strange Supreme. If anything adding Strange Supreme to the trailer could have only made things better.


Regardless, this theory makes some degree of sense. It is unimaginable to think that only Strange and Spider-Man are independently responsible for causing a ruckus in the multiverse. Even if Steven Strange is an arrogant sorcerer who cares about his own self, he still cannot fracture the multiverse to this degree. The user suggests that there are external forces behind it and Strange knows it. He suggests that the external forces are Most likely either Wanda in her Scarlet Witch form or Kang in one form or the other. We may not be able to discern entirely what is going on in the multiverse but we can be sure that Doctor Strange has prepared for it. Also, truth be told we cannot wait for a confrontation between Strange and the evils of the Multiverse.


Secret Plan of Doctor Strange

So the idea is that Strange in fact knows exactly what is going on in the multiverse and he initiates the spell purposefully because he knows it has a high degree of risk. Strange may not have known that the spell would cause a multiversal break but he might’ve hoped to gain some insight through it. Strange knows about Wanda’s full power scarlet witch form and he also knows about the events of Loki and that Kang is soon coming to get them. Knowing all this Strange might be researching the problem on his own time when Spidey came looking for help.


Secret Plan of Doctor Strange

Unbeknownst to the pair, they were teetering on the edge of the multiverse all this time. This resulted in the tear widening in front of their eyes and them getting pushed in, the Reddit user goes further to iterate the fact that Strange may use spidey to locate Strange Supreme and ask him for help or locate one of his other multiverse versions as the film progresses. This is a solid theory as two sorcerer supremes are always better than one. Let us know your opinions in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood.

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