8 Things That Did Not Work Out For Spiderman: Homecoming

Spider-man: Homecoming is basically a very good Spiderman movie with great critical acclaim and insane box office returns. All in all, it was great but there are still some things in the movie that did not work for the viewers. Here is a list.

Peter Desperate for Stark’s Approval

More than half of the movie constantly showed Peter needing the Approval of Tony Stark and not really believing himself. The moment where Tony taught him a lesson that if he is nothing without the suit, he should not have it was the one which was needed right from the beginning.

The Romance

Peter Parker even though being a dorky kid is still a very big ladies’ man. The movie successfully tried to bring in a new love interest but still managed to screw it up somehow as Peter did not get the girl at the end. The chemistry did not work out for all the fans because it was hardly there.

The Action Sequences

Even though the movie was quite an action packed, the action sequences did not work out as well as people would have expected. Most of them actually had Spiderman getting beat up in them. When Spidey took on the bank robbers disguised as the Avengers, it wasn’t anything that we didn’t see before. Webbing and fast hands, that’s all, same old.

Completely leaving out Spidey’s origins

We all know the origin story of Spiderman and did not want to see the same old thing yet again. But that does not mean that is to be completely left out. Just little references and teases from Peter’s past would have been great in the movie.

Not So Secret Identity

Throughout the movie, people just kept finding out who exactly Spiderman is. Stark and Happy already knew Ned found out, Vulture out of nowhere figured it out and the movie ended with Aunt May finding out and having a literal WTF moment, which the fans did too.

The Family Aspect

Aunt May and Uncle Ben have had a substantial effect on Peter’s life in the past movies and the comics, but Homecoming was quite lacking in that aspect. Uncle Ben was totally absent and replaced with Tony but Aunt May’s role felt a little bit less than it should have been.

Forcing the Avengers Angle


Throughout the movie, Peter had Ned and himself believe that he is indeed a part of the Avengers which was not required in the movie and this Peter understood at the end of the movie, but The Director should have understood that in the beginning and should not have forcefully tried to connect it with the Avengers.

Post Credits Scene


The post credits scene was a pun intended for the audiences who desperately waited for more than five minutes for a tease of Avengers: Infinity War but instead got a lecture from Captain America about Patience. This was not only disappointing, but it also outraged most of the viewers.

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