Eternals Director Reveals Why Kingo Was Not In The Final Battle

Eternals was a movie with a very different kind of tone. It had heart and substance, and it also had a very distinct style of communicating that tone to the general public. Director Chloe Zhao made a lot of creative decisions for the movie that shaped how things would pan out. One of these decisions reveals why Kingo was not in the final Battle of Eternals. The movie had a lot of ground to cover so as one would expect, this decision had a lot of thought behind it and the original intent has been shared by Zhao.

Take a look at what she had to say down below:

“We talked a lot about – what does it mean to be heroic? I feel we’re entering a revisionist period for this genre. I feel the desire from the studios and from the audience. There’s something about celebrating feminine strength, both in men and women in this film, that was very important for us. I think Sersi [Chan] is the bravest of all, because no matter how much someone wronged her, she’s able to forgive them, to show them love instead of punch them in the face. She stays open and vulnerable, and that actually brought down the strongest, most powerful being.”


You see, Kingo is one of the strongest Eternals. His battle prowess is something that either side could have used in the final Battle. But the director and the actor made a choice of characterization that was given priority over the need for a flashy battle. This meant that the emotional weight of the final Battle was conserved. It was more about principle for Kingo rather than just about action, like for all others. Stick with us as we break it down.


Why Kingo Was Not In The Final Battle

Eternals introduced 10 new superheroes to the MCU in one fell swoop. The movie is mature and deliberate most of the time. This means that this is not something that the MCU audience is used to, in fact, it is something that they cannot digest. So it comes as a surprise to no one that there was a row over not including Kingo in the climactic confrontation of the feature. However, we think it was a brilliant character choice. You see, the character of Kingo is not supposed to be the bravest, or the mightiest, or even the brightest of the lot.


He is a fame-seeking immortal Diva who can shoot lasers out of his fingertips. The qualities he has are of a showman with no hint for a sense of justice. Moreover, the character worships Ikaris so it is not surprising that he defers from the battle. He has no intention to oppose his hero even if his principles tell him to do so. Kingo has love for humankind, but it is not enough to oppose Ikaris. It is about love and about embracing one’s own choices, that is why we don’t see the character participate in the battle.


It is quite controversial to not include one of the strongest fighters in the fight for the fate of the world, but that is exactly what the character wanted. He wanted to get away from it all, to stay away from a family battle where someone could have been killed. That is the essence of the deference and the essence of his absence, he could not stand to hurt his own family. Sometimes the most courageous action we can take is forbearance.


The Decision

That is exactly what Kingo does and we think he should be respected for it. The Eternals consciously chooses his family over Celestials and the people he has spent the last few centuries with. He does not care about hero worship, or about clinging to ideals, or even about the planet he lives on. The Eternals only cares about keeping everyone safe or comfortable as best he can. This includes him not hurling lasers at his own family.


So he chose to stay at his home preparing for the end of the world as his family duked it out. This is an act of extreme courage and Zhao’s comments exemplify just how important the decision was. Let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

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