10 Most Shocking Surprises From What If Episode 7 Involving Party Thor

Marvel is going all the way with their projects and giving us their best treatment of fan-favorite characters. We have seen a lot of superheroes evolved throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What If…? is one of the most amazing means that Marvel is using to give us a completely unique perspective into these characters. The Disney Plus show has some of the most marvelous (pun intended) stories set up for us. While some of these stories take use towards stories that could have serious implications on the universe, others have a rather humorous take and a positive outcome overall. The latest episode gave us a rather childish narrative with a very light treatment of the God of Thunder, Thor. Let’s take a look at the ten most shocking surprises from What If Episode 7 featuring Party Thor.

Everyone’s Afraid Of Frigga (Is She Really A Witch?)

One of the major themes of the Thor movies is the relationship Thor and Loki shared with their parents. Similarly, this trope is followed in this episode too as Frigga plays a major role throughout the episode. Odin goes to Odinsleep in order to regain his strength and the Frigga warns Thor to behave. Thor chooses to go otherwise and when he doesn’t stop his party which leads to Jane summoning Frigga. Upon hearing that Frigga is going to come Thor panics and starts undoing all the havoc he raised. This really makes us wonder about the fear that Frigga’s persona carries for the characters present in the episode. When she appears in front of Thor, the latter even mentions if she used sufficient of the dark arts to summon her projection like that.


So far in the MCU, Frigga has stated that she was raised by witches. She can see with more than just eyes. Loki confirmed that witches can see the future. And Frigga was able to figure out that Bro Thor was from the future when he traveled back to 2013. So the consensus was that she was a Witch. Maybe this Universe in What If knows about this, and that’s why everyone’s so afraid of her!


Loki Becomes A Frost Giant

Shocking Surprises From What If Episode 7

While the episode explores how Thor would end up being if Thor didn’t have his brother Loki as a sibling, we also get to see what happens to Loki. The God of Mischief was returned to the Frost Giants of Jotunheim as narrated by The Watcher himself. We see him make an appearance later in the episode as a Frost Giant who refers to Thor as a “brother from another mother”. This is a fun nod to how things would have been if events went according to the original timeline of the MCU. Loki still retains some of his personality from the MCU as he doesn’t decide to stay over and help out Thor to clean up the mess.


Thor United The Galaxy

The episode gives us a look at every character from the MCU who had previously appeared in the movies that explored worlds other than the Earth. This could probably mean that the Nexus event that led to Thor being this different could have triggered a similar change in all these characters. This transition led them to be friendly and united rather than being foes. We see the Sakarans, Nebula, Valkyrie, Korg, Skrulls, Ravagers and Howard The Duck partying with each other and rather enjoying the company. The Grandmaster showed up to make the party lit! In a way, we can say that Thor is responsible for uniting these characters.


Surtur Is A Friend Of Asgard

Surtur also makes an appearance in the episode with a major transition in his character in comparison to the way we got to see him in Thor: Ragnarok. Similar to almost all the other characters in the episode we get to see a dumbed-down version of Surtur too. He starts flirting with the Statue of Liberty not realizing that it is actually a statue. This leads to him melting its arm off due to the fire that always surrounds him. He later puts it back together upon realizing Frigga is coming back.


Thor Vs. Captain Marvel

This episode also gave us one of the best fights we might never get to see in the MCU. When Thor crosses his line with the never-stopping party S.H.I.E.L.D ends up summoning Captain Marvel. The latter decides to take matters into her own hands and tries to stop Thor. While Thor takes it in a pure fun manner he does end up landing a blow on her which throws her into the Stonehenge. She went from France to the UK!! The battle ends with Captain Marvel giving up which is kinda surprising considering she could easily have tried and defeated him.


Nick Fury Gets Injured

Shocking Surprises From What If Episode 7

S.H.I.E.L.D. plays the only mature figure throughout the episode as they take the major decisions. This helps navigate the story of the episode as they are responsible for summoning Captain Marvel. But as a major surprise, we find out that this time the agency is being led by Agent Maria Hill instead of Nick Fury. We are shown later that Nick Fury did try to stop Thor but was knocked off by Korg when the latter was trying to make a jump on a fountain. It’s good to find that Nick Fury hasn’t had a serious injury and rather he was just unconscious.


Tony Didn’t Show Up To The Party

From the original movies in the MCU, we did know the original king of parties was always Tony Stark. He always made sure to have the grandest parties with some rather surprising people making appearances. But we don’t get to see him at all throughout this episode as one of the grandest parties in the universe takes place on his planet. We can imagine he wasn’t invited by Thor or that he just had a completely different personality.


Howard Marries Darcy

As a rather surprising turn of events Howard the Duck ends up marrying Darcy. Howard the Duck never stops making fun appearances in the MCU and this was actually not much surprising to witness. Howard the Duck makes the first move and asks her to join him during the party and even though Darcy isn’t ready in the beginning she gives in to him. The marriage is conducted by an Elvis Presley impersonator which could actually be a nod to Kurt Russell who played Ego the living planet in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.


Frigga Stops The Chaos

In a twist of events, we get to see Frigga take matters into her own hands and stop Thor from continuing his havoc throughout Earth. We thought that S.H.I.E.L.D. along with the help of Captain Marvel might be able to deal with Thor but apparently, that didn’t work out. It was the fear of Frigga’s arrival that led to stopping the parties on Earth and havoc that it had consequently led to. Thor makes sure he cleans up his acts before she arrives on Earth.


The True Age Of Ultron

The ending of the episode is the only part that leaves an ominous taste about the events that take place throughout the episode. Just like some of the other episodes, we get to realize all isn’t jolly in this universe and hence there is a negative impact too. As Thor bids his farewell to Jane we see Ultron appearing from some sort of a portal with all the Infinity Gems embedded onto his suit. It is only later that we get to see that it is actually Vision using Ultron’s armor.


So these were the most shocking surprises from What If Episode 7. What else were you surprised to see? Let us know in the comments.

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