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10 Darker Marvel Characters That Belong In DC

Marvel has created a lot of characters over the years. Although, almost all of them maintain the nonchalant semi-serious tone of the comic company, some of these characters are so dark that we are surprised that they are a part of Marvel. Here is a list of 10 Marvel characters that belong in DC just because of their brooding and dangerous personalities. Take a look at the list and let us know if we missed any down in the comments below:


Venom is somewhat of a conundrum. The Character was created to be a villain to Spider-Man but was soon converted into an anti-hero because of his popularity with the fans. The symbiote is quite dark, for he devours humans for sustenance. But the character has endearing qualities nonetheless. This kind of character conflict is normally the staple of DC more than Marvel, although we are grateful for the Spider-Man team-ups.

The Thunderbolts

This is a team that was ripped off from DC’s Suicide Squad. The Thunderbolts are a ragtag group of reformed villains that run missions in tandem with the Avengers. The goal is to have as many useful soldiers out on the field as one possibly can. This flavor of storytelling is definitely more DC than Marel. Although we do appreciate the opportunity to see Thunderbolt Ross, among others, fight the good fight, for once.


Sentry is a superhero created by Marvel to specifically rival Superman but somehow the character never gained the same amount of popularity. We think that he would have done better in the DC universe where he did not have Adam Warlock and Thor to overshadow his presence. This could be solved by bringing the character over to DC as a new villain to Superman. Won’t that be interesting? Seeing these two go blow for blow…..


Marvel Characters That Belong In DC

The first time we read about Cletus Kasady, our souls almost left our bodies. Carnage is the stuff of nightmares. A Klyntar attaching itself to a psychopathic killer is about as bad as things can get. It is no wonder that Venom is afraid of the psychopath in the trailer of Venom 2. His brutality is legendary to the point of absurdity. That demeanor is definitely more native to DC than Marvel.


Emil Blonsky was a soldier tasked with hunting down The Incredible Hulk. When he realized that he is no match for the green giant he was given a refined version of Bruce Banner’s super-soldier serum. This enabled Blonsky to run faster, leap farther, and hit harder but it was still not enough. So Emil chose to inject himself with Bruce’s blood and turn it into an Abomination. This character looks like a Zombie Hulk and that is a DC villain if i have ever seen one.


When it comes to mob villains, none can hold a candle to Kingpin. But Hammerhead comes close in the Marvel comic verse. However, we think that the character will do much better in DC comics now that Kingpin has taken over most of New York. The trope of Hammerhead using the plate in his head to bash heroes could also work better in DC comics.


Wolverine And Cable Fight In Mutant Gladiator

The time-traveling cop called  Cable is perhaps one of the most brutal characters to ever grace the pages of Marvel comics. It was not surprising to see him opposite Wade Wilson, though. Someone as crazy as Deadpool needs to have someone as brutal as Cable to fight. Cable is unwavering and it is his attitude that definitely belongs i  the DC universe.

Franklin Richards

Marvel Characters That Belong In DC

The son of Sue Storm and Reed Richards, Franklin is one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel-verse. He is considered beyond even the Omega level mutants. He has created realities out of thin air and birthed universes whenever he felt like it. We hope to see this character in the MCU soon along with his parents. But a case can be made for such a temperamental God to exist in DC.

Winter Soldier

Bucky Barnes used to be Steve Rogers’ best friend before he was lost in a Hydra ambush. He was then captured by the Nazis and turned into one of the most ruthless fighters they had. The character was put through immense brainwashing and in the end, was changed into the Winter Soldier. When he met his friend again he could no longer remember Steve as the hero remembered him. This kind of tragic story is more a staple of DC than Marvel.

The Punisher

One of the craziest characters to ever come out of Marvel. The Punisher is a downright crazy soldier. After losing his family, Frank Castle turns into a vigilante who’s out for the blood of every trace of villainy. His main enemies are usually the ones with connections to the mob. Frank Castle has always been more Batman than Spider-Man and that is what makes him unique and more suitable for DC.

So these are the 10 Marvel characters that belong in DC for sure.

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