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Why Bloodsport Should Get a Prequel Before The Suicide Squad 3

The DCEU has been struggling for quite some time now, they have seen a lot of ups and downs because of creative differences within the production team. The lack of a cohesive creative vision has led to a scattered universe rather than an intertwined one. This means that the shared universe which normally translates to an advantage for the writers has become a liability for WB. I’ll explain. You see, the DCEU is not able to manage their stories in ways that advance the shared ethos this has led to fan discontentment. Maybe that is the reason they tried to release a movie with a different tone altogether with The Suicide Squad. The movie was quite amusing but gave us an idea about a DC movie that could do WB a lot of good. So, we think Bloodsport should get a prequel before he appears in The Suicide Squad 3.

Robert DuBois has taken the name Bloodsport because he is lethal in combat and precise in his execution. He is no leader, he is a soldier worthy of praise who can do things that no one else can. The man is introduced as the assassin who put Superman into a coma by using a kryptonite bullet. He is a decorated military officer who was dishonorably discharged and yet continues to hunt people for money. Bloodsport is a very interesting character and Edris Elba had the role down to a T. But what we would like to see the character do, is take down Superman in front of our eyes. Preferably in a prequel movie with Henry Cavill.

The Superman factor

A lot of fans and critics have praised The Suicide Squad for its action and story, among other things. However, I have a very biased view of the movie. Simply put, I expect more from DC and James Gunn. We expected a fun ride that ends in the world burning to ash and rising out of it like a Phoenix but instead what we got was a useless mix of characters. These characters individually could do much better than what they did as a team. The personalities of the characters seemed like useless tropes just to accentuate the action scenes which were mediocre at best. This movie does nothing new, that is its true problem.

We would much prefer to see Bloodsport take down the Man of Steel. The only issue with the requirement of this prequel is that Henry Cavill has left the DCEU. Still, the premise of actually incapacitating the last son of krypton with a bullet is something that only someone as proficient as Bloodsport could accomplish. One of the most iconic scenes in the film was when Bloodsport, Rick Flag, and Peacemaker use a single blow to kill their captors. Those are the kind of badass moments that we want to see. We wish for a more cohesive universe where the abilities and characters carry over from one movie to another.

As of yet, DC has failed to deliver on this front. But we think Bloodsport should get a prequel before the next movie. This will allow the writers to explore the character much more in-depth rather than alternating him between a doting father and a ruthless killer. And he’d get to show quite a bit of badassery as he might take down someone who is even more powerful than a planet.


A Bloodsport movie will also help fans relate more to the character, it will enable us to truly fall in love with him. The problem with The Suicide Squad┬áis that all these characters are thrown at us and we don’t seem to want to know any of them. This means that while the characters are interesting, they are only that way because we wish to see them battle, they have no personality beyond their relevance to action. However, Bloodsport and Harley are different. We already have a lot of Harley content so now we would love some Bloodsport content.

It will be interesting to see Idris Elba dawn the suit again as the assassin. We wish to see the confrontation of man and God. A man that does not have the same moral code as Batman, we also think that it’s entirely possible that Bloodsport wanted to kill Superman but because of his speed, Superman barely escaped death and was instead put in a coma. What do you think about this line of thinking? Does it make sense? What do you want to see in a Bloodsport prequel, do you even want one? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC and Hollywood.

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