Top 10 Darkest Moments of MCU Villains Till Now

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become the biggest franchise in the history of cinema. With the addition of its Disney+ shows, which are spinoffs of the characters from the movies. This goes to show they aren’t stopping anytime soon. While the movies consist of some of the best fan moments from remarkable entries to epic battles. We have realized over time that these movies serve all the age groups and hence there are some really dark moments. Some of these moments include straight-up kills but what defines the villainous characters is their ability to spread fear in the mind of the viewer without killing off someone. Here’s a look at some of the darkest moments of MCU villains which do not involve killing.

Killmonger burns the Heart-Shaped Herbs

Killmonger proved himself to be one of the most fearsome and strongest villain characters from the movies. The changes he brought right away to Wakanda right away made a massive impact on the people. As a means of hatred towards the idea of the policy of isolation followed by Wakanda, he decides he will take the last herb before burning the rest of them. This is an act to make sure no future king ends up getting hold of this power.


Ronan The Accuser Forgets About His Acts Of Violence

Ronan the Accuser has done various actors of violence throughout the universe. This has had massive repercussions throughout the universe. Drax’s wife and child were slain by him and takes it upon himself take avenge his loss. When he eventually gets to confront his enemy, the latter couldn’t remember what he had done against Drax. Following that he continues to beat up Drax. This is one of the cruelest moments from the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.1.


Baron Mordo Takes Away The Healing Capability Of A Paralysed Man

Darkest Moments of MCU Villains

After falling apart with Doctor Strange, Baron Mordo decides to take matters into his own hands and seek revenge for what he believes to be the terrible acts of the Ancient One. He goes around with his objective to go against magic. The very first of these acts show him taking away the magic from Jonathan Pangborn reducing him back to his condition.


Arnim Zola Continues To Exist

Arnim Zola had a strong appearance alongside Red Skull in the movie. His brilliance was the reason that many of the characters continued to exist in the Marvel movies based on the present time. Upon realizing that his brain plays an essential figure in the construction of Hydra, he decides to get his mind uploaded into a computer for the sole purpose of continuing his work at Hydra. Now that’s some kind of evil.


Zemo Manipulates Iron Man

Civil War was one of the most important cinematic events in MCU. Pitting two of the essential Marvel figures against each other could not have been an easy job. But Baron Zemo had the right keys to trigger the right ways to put them against each other. As a means of final blow in the relationship between Cap and Iron Man, he reveals the footage of Winter Soldier killing Stark’s parents.


Thanos Tortures His Daughter

While there is hardly anything left for Thanos to do to make us aware of his evil mind and his absolute dark means to achieve his goal. Endgame only showed a much worse version as he tortures his stepdaughter Nebulae to make Gamora confess the truth. He pulls her body apart and she’s shown to screaming for her life as he extracts the information from Gamora.


Hayward Shows Vision’s Disassembled Body To An Already Broken Wanda

Darkest Moments of MCU Villains

Hayward did come out as a surprise to be the actual villain behind the events of WandaVision. He triggers the entire events using Wanda’s anger as an essential weapon. He used the power of convincing her by showing her Vision’s dead carcass disassembled. This acts as the perfect trigger to make sure she ends up using her full potential to create her own world to deal with her sorrow.


Obadiah Stane Takes Tony’s Heart

Obadiah Stane was an absolute shock as a villain because Stark considered him as a father figure. The biggest blow came when he’s shown taking out Stark’s arc reactor after putting him into temporary paralysis. He doesn’t care that Stark might die due to that.

Ultron Cuts Off Klaue’s Arm

Ultron is probably one of the best villains the Marvel Cinematic Universe has given us. Age of Ultron showed us his progression into this category step by step as he convinced us of his absolute evil persona. He is absolutely sure about his likes and dislikes and he won’t mind making it absolutely clear to the people around him. In order to make a statement, he takes off Klau’s arm. This does strike fear into the minds of people going against him.


Killian Infects Pepper To Convince Tony

Iron Man is one such character who has created his own villains. Killian is one such villain who appears to have become what he became because of how Stark treats him. Killian doesn’t leave any stone unturned to make sure Stark understands his wrong. He infects Pepper in order to make sure Stark finds a possible solution.

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