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Theory: Super Soldier Experiments Created The Mutants In MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a very big franchise spread throughout a lot of different media. It consists of comics, movies, Tv-Shows, and now 3D animation. We love the series because it introduces us to a lot of new characters. If it weren’t for the MCU we would’ve never met the majority of them. The MCU has expanded a lot, but it is still missing some of its resident characters. For example, the mutants are nowhere to be seen in the MCU and there are no setups for their appearance either. But what if we told you that Marvel has already set it up under the covers. A new theory suggests that the Super Soldier experiments created the Mutants in the MCU.

Reddit user u/MagicJoshByGosh posted this theory in r/MarvelTheories. He compared the Ultimate universe from Marvel comics with the MCU drawing some irrefutable parallels.

“An example of the MCU being inspired by the Ultimate Universe is the fact that Bruce Banner became the Hulk from being exposed to a gamma-infused attempt to recreate the Super-Soldier Serum that created Captain America. This is not the Hulk’s origin in the Prime Universe (Earth-616), but is his origin in the Ultimate Universe.”

Super Soldier Experiments Created The Mutants

“Other examples include how some of the costumes (most notably Hawkeye’s) are influenced by the Ultimate Universe, Tony Stark’s personality is closer to his Ultimate counterpart’s than his Prime counterpart, Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury was closer to the Ultimate Nick Fury, and the Chitauri were enemies of the Avengers. Now, the MCU has clearly taken many details from the Prime Universe, but a lot of the characters’ origins are closer to Earth-1610 than Earth-616”

The Mutant Connection

The user has iterated how the MCU draws heavy inspiration from the ultimate universe. He also mentions how the super-soldier experiments created the mutants in the ultimate universe. A bunch of these experiments was performed on a lot of people after the Super Soldier Serum formula was lost to world war 2. These failed experiments did not create a new Captain America but they did alter the genes of the people being experimented on.

This led to a snowball effect as the future generations of these people were turned into mutants. The user believes something similar is afoot in the MCU.

“I’ve neglected to mention an entire group of people in the Ultimate Universe having their origins rooted in the SSS: mutants. After James Howlett, better known as Wolverine, was kidnapped by Weapon X, the organization experimented on him with yet another attempted recreation of the SSS, which changed his genes and affected thousands of people in the future, effectively creating the mutant race.

Super Soldier Experiments Created The Mutants

This is what I believe will be the introduction of mutants into the MCU. Weapon X will be shown in the past experimenting on James / Logan, which will create the mutant race in the present and allow the X-Men to appear. That’s why they’ve withheld the information behind Spider-Man’s origin, because if all the nerds realized how many characters are directly influenced by the SSS, then they’ll realize that’s how mutants will appear, and Marvel Studios doesn’t want people thinking about that right now. This way, it doesn’t have to get complicated with the Multiverse, and mutants can be introduced now without having any hidden history that would have been impossible not to have mentioned by now.”

The Breakdown

We believe that such a retroactive introduction of the mutants into the MCU is possible. MCU creative heads are just sly enough to pull it off. It will be the greatest prank to be ever pulled on the audiences who are scheming for new ways to have the mutants in the MCU. The likelihood of this theory being true is very high for the high degree of similarity between MCU and the Ultimate universe. We can only hope that we are on the right track with our conjecture.

As the MCU has grown so have the expectations of the fans and we will be getting the mutants soon. This theory is very viable because it does not demand an earth-shattering event. It just reuses something that marvel has already established in the MCU. I am, of course, talking about the Super Soldier experiments. This will also give Marvel studios a chance to use the experiments to alter other stories. The most prime example of this would be altering Spider-Man’s origin to align him with Ultimate Spider-Man.

You see, The Ultimate Spider-Man was created when Norman Osborne experimented with the Oz Formula. The Formula was an attempt to recreate the Super Soldier Serum but only created a mutated spider. This mutated spider bit Peter Parker and gave us Spider-Man. We just hope that something like this can be introduced in the MCU. Let us know your ideas in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel.

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