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6 Ways Vulture is the Best Spider-Man Villain Of MCU

As we all know,  Spider-Man’s role in the MCU has been short-lived but a roller-coaster on. In his two solo films, he has come face-to-face with the Vulture and Mysterio and the fights they gave were some of the most memorable. People often argue that who is a better villain as they both were pretty strong for the teen spider-man. As they are both wickedly awesome, we have given some reasons as to why Vulture is the best Spider-Man villain in the MCU so far.

1. Michael Keaton brought some humor into the character

Vulture is not the only winged role played by Keaton, he has played Batman and Birdman as well. Playing many roles in a comedy like Mr. Mom and Beetlejuice, his comedic timing in Homecoming was admired by his fans. Of course, being a grown man determined to kill the date of his daughter would’ve been an evil role but Keaton was able to deliver the much-needed humor in the role.

2.  His struggles as a middle-class father and husband were relatable

Vulture is the Best Spider-Man Villain

Adrian Toomes was just a cleaning company employee until he came across the weapons used by the alien army, Chitauri. As an ex-blue-collar worker, he involved himself in the black business of selling these high-tech weapons to support his family.

There’s no doubt that he had already earned more than he needed but just like Walter White, it just wasn’t enough to satisfy his greed and he carried on this path which ultimately, lead to the doom of him and his family. But all middle-class people who had to do odd jobs just for the sake of their family could relate to him and made his actions justified.

3. Just a Blue-Collar Worker

Being a normal working American citizen by day singled him out from the other villains of the MCU who all were one of the Big Three. He was better suited for the spider-man as he, too had two identities.

Inspired by the Stark Industries who developed high-tech weapons and made money by selling them to the highest bidder, Toomes thought he was just maintaining a balance of power among people. The only difference is that, unlike Tony, Adrian Toomes had no intention to reform himself.

4. Keeping the business under the radar

All the villains get to meet their maker when they come in front of the superhero. But unlike any other stupid black-market businessman or a villain in MCU, he focussed to keep his dealings and his earnings under the radar of any government entity or S.H.I.E.L.D.

This was also the reason why Tony didn’t believe Peter when he tells all about the weapons used by the Vulture. Also, it gave Spider-Man a platform to grow as a superhero and fight on its own. The Vulture made the perfect villain for the first stand-alone movie of MCU’s youngest avenger yet.

5. The Plot Twist

Vulture is the Best Spider-Man Villain

Once Peter was at the doorstep of his homecoming date, the door opens and there is the Vulture himself. This has to be one of the best plot twists in the MCU. Unsurprisingly, Peter got all worked up and scared that the father of his crush is a Supervillain, but Toomes stood his ground.

It was just the acting the shot needed when Adrian put two and two together and figured out that Peter is Spider-Man. And the car scene following this was an intense one. Yeah, Peter didn’t see Mephisto as a villain too but the audience knew but it was a “Woah!!!” moment for everyone and that’s what makes him the better villain.

6. Would’ve been a good Father Figure if given a chance

The MCU always showed Tony Stark as the much-needed Father figure Peter needed but they weren’t similar enough to relate with each other. The struggles in the life of a common man were what could’ve made a great connection between The Vulture and Spider-Man, while Stark didn’t lead such a life. But there was a slight problem, Toomes is a supervillain. The intentions of the Iron Man may be good but Peter Parker is more similar to Tony Stark.

Do you also think that Vulture is the Best Spider-Man Villain? Let us know in the comments.

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