10 Most Fascinating Details In The New No Way Home Trailer

We have been waiting for this moment eagerly and now it has finally arrived. Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer is out for the world to see and it has some amazing content. Most of all it seems that the multiverse would be a core part of the movie. The trailer is chock full of references and here are the 10 most fascinating details in the new No Way Home trailer.

The Black and Gold Suit

Very Early in the trailer, we get to see Peter Parker running in the cafeteria with a new Black and gold Spider-Man suit which was revealed in the merchandise. The cafeteria seems reminiscent of the first Spider-Man movie where Tobey learns about his powers in a now-iconic scene. The merch teased that Doctor Strange made some advancements to Peter’s new suit so he could use a couple of spells himself. This could allow the hero to navigate the multiverse and take on the powerful villains more easily. Peter Parker designed a similar suit to fight Doc Ock in the recent PS4 game. He could be doing the same here. But since he is seen fighting Electro and Sandman in the same suit, he may have designed it to withstand Electro’s lightning powers.

The DCEU Parallel

A lot of the scenes in the trailer, namely the one where Peter and Zendaya are surrounded by people and the other one where Tom Holland is being barraged by picket signs seem to indicate that the director of No Way Home has taken a lot of visual queues from Batman Vs Superman. It may seem like a stretch for us to compare the two movies but when you look at the screenshots you realize how similar the tone and composition of the scenes are.

Matt Murdock

Details In The New No Way Home Trailer

During the trailer, it is seen that Peter is arrested and taken in for interrogation for the suspected murder of Mysterio. The hero is handcuffed to the table and can easily escape if he so desires, but he respects the system so he stays. During this sequence, there is a brief moment where a guy slams some papers down on the table. A lot of people believe this guy to be Matt Murdock especially because Charlie Cox is already confirmed to be in the movie.

Strange Multiverse

So we seem to have learned that the multiverse of MCU is not something that has always existed, in fact, the characters in this universe seem to be tampering with reality forcing it into the multiverse by using their powers. Wanda did it by going supernova at the end of WandaVision. Sylvie did it by killing He Who Remains and thereby releasing an army of Kangs and now Dr. Strange is doing it by helping Peter change the reality and memories of everyone around him. Strange executes the spell even after Wong’s warning and will now pay the price.

One More Day

This story of Peter wanting to change the past and not having people know his identity is not new. In fact, it was part of one of the most iconic comic arcs of all time named “One More Day”. Much like in the trailer Peter goes to Strange and attempts to travel through time to save Aunt May from the bullet wound she sustains in Civil War, but he cannot do and severely injures himself. The character is then healed by Strange and sent on his way, in this moment of weakness Peter is tempted by Mephisto. Mephisto says that he will change the past if Peter sells his marriage to Mary Jane to Mephisto. The entire thing is pretty emotional, mainly because Mephisto makes the deal with Spider-Man disguised as his future daughter who will now never be born.

Professor Octopus

It may not come as a surprise to you that the older villains from Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man universe are spilling over to the MCU given the nature of the Multiverse. But we were surprised to see Dr. Octopus as the main reveal of the movie, not because he is powerful, menacing, and Super-Intelligent but because he died in Spider-Man 2, so even if the Multiverse is spilling over, why is a dead character joining the brigade?

Green Goblin Jr?

During a brief sequence, we see a Green Goblin bomb drop near a car, the design is reminiscent of the original Green Goblin. But then again William Dafoe’s Green Goblin perished during the events of Spider-Man and Harry Osborn perished in Spider-Man 3 so we are not entirely sure just which Green Goblin will be a part of Spider-Man: No Way Home. The bomb reminds us of the original design but you can never be sure in these multiverse movies.


Details In The New No Way Home Trailer

Jamie Fox has previously confirmed that he will be a part of No Way Home, he has said that his costume will be different but he will be a part of the movie. We receive further confirmation of this with the above scene from the trailer. Electrical sparks can be seen flying off everywhere during the scene possibly signifying Electro using his powers. And just like the Flash is changing his lightning from blue to Yellow, Electro is doing the same somehow.


The trailer also has a very obvious nod to Thomas Haden Church’s Sandman. In the above screenshot, it can be seen that the villain is rising from the ashes as a pile of sand erupts from the ground. This may also mean that the Sinister Six are coming to screen with William Dafoe leading the charge. Whatever might be the case the trailer does seem to be a villain galore at this point.


If you look carefully in the trailer you can spot a lizard jumping up from the background to ambush Peter Parker during the above scene. This must be the same lizard from The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The more closely we inspect the trailer the more villains are revealed to be a part of it. We cannot be sure how many but we have a feeling we will soon find out.

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