12 Insane Arrowverse Fan Theories That Might Still Come True

The Arrowverse is like a dream come true for many comic book fans. The Green Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Super Girl are one of the highest rated shows on prime time television. While the Arrowverse has been to an explosive start after the mid-season break and has debunked several proposed fan theories, there are still several of them circulating among internet communities that might still come true in the upcoming episodes.

Gotham is a prequel to Super Girl

Gotham is officially not part of the Arrowverse. That much is known. But according to several sources, it has been portrayed as the unofficial prequel to Super Girl from the very beginning.

Kara once said that Superman told her he once knew a vigilante described with the following words – “Tons of Gadgets, Lots of Demons”. Bruce Wayne?

Mon-El isn’t really married

In the comics, Saturn Girl aka Imra is one of the greatest telepaths of the DC Universe. In the show, Mon-El and Imra is a married couple.

But if Amy Jackson, who plays Imra in Super Girl, is to be believed, there is more than what meets the eye for the couple. Maybe Imra is telepathically manipulating Mon-El into thinking they are married.

Arrowverse Rebirth after its own version of ‘CRISIS’

In the comics, Crisis events always have lasting implications on the DC Universe. Final Crisis is remembered as one of the greatest comic book arcs that changed the fundamentals of DC Comics altogether. In The Flash S1, Harrison Wells sees a digital newspaper which says ‘Flash Missing Vanishes after Crisis’.

It’s about time to use this plot device.

Secret Six to replace Suicide Squad

With WB interfering in The CW shows, the Suicide Squad spinoff planned starring the team and Amanda Waller was effectively scrapped, with a botched execution to hastily remove the characters from the Arrowverse. Suicide Squad left a void that only a team of equal stature can fulfill.

Enter the next best thing – The Secret Six.

 Arrowverse will soon have Batman

When Superman was introduced by Super Girl, the ratings skyrocketed. Batman is arguably the most famous superhero of the comic book industry. Arrow recently name-dropped Bruce Wayne in one of its S6 episodes. Batman could soon grace the small screens under the Arrowverse banner.

There have been plenty of Batman references in the Arrowverse in the past across the shows. In Flash season 2, when Barry Allen travels to Earth-2, he visited his home where one of the names written on his home speed dial is Bruce. In Arrow, the code name of Felicity is Overwatch but not Oracle as it’s supposedly taken.

In Supergirl, Kara said once “My cousin worked with a vigilante once – tons of gadgets, lots of demons.” In Legends of Tomorrow, Captain Rip Hunter said – “I have seen Men of Steel die and Dark Knights fall.” If this is not enough then the very fact that Arrow used Ra’s Al Ghul (who is Batman foe in comics) as the villain in season 3 speaks volumes about Batman’s existence in this universe.

Stephen Amell has personally shown great initiative in bringing Batman into the Arrowverse. He is a huge fan of Batman and his dream role is to play Riddler onscreen. In fact, he got the makers on board with the idea of name-dropping Bruce Wayne. Here’s what he said:

“I’ve always thought that Bruce Wayne would be an interesting ally on the show, and an even more interesting villain to Oliver, which doesn’t mean that he’s the villain, it just means that they don’t like each other. I had this holy trinity of Warner Bros. Television and DC and Warner Bros. overall in front of me, and I pitched this idea, and I’ve got all my follow-up points, and Kevin Tsujihara just goes, ‘Yeah, sure.’ It’s like, ‘Really?’ and he said, ‘Yeah, that sounds fun. Do that.’ So we did it, and I didn’t actually believe that it would make it until I actually saw it in the locked cut.”

John Diggle will become Green Lantern

Begrudgingly, we have to admit this theory actually holds water. John was once being guessed that he will become the Guardian in the future.

While that lead to nowhere, he is also being expected to become the Arrowverse’s Green Lantern. John Diggle could actually be John ‘Stewart’ Diggle. You never know. Might happen!!

Red Hood and the Outlaws Spinoff

Colton Haynes is one of the most popular Arrowverse actors. He took the fall for Green Arrow and helped Thea deal with the darkness she was struggling with after resurrection. It was a shame to let him go so easily. His return to the show has been confirmed but there is also talk of something else.

Arsenal could soon star in a spinoff Arrowverse show called the Red Hood and the Outlaws, starring characters the Arrowverse has long discarded.

The Mysterious Waitress at the Wedding is Barry’s daughter

In the comics, Barry and Iris soon become the parents to the Tornado Twins. Dawn Allen is Barry and Iris daughter from the future.

Remember the mumbling waitress lady at Barry and Iris’ Wedding during the crisis on Earth X crossover? Many theorize it’s her. The daughter has run back to the past to meet her father.

Flash Forwards instead of Flashbacks

The concept of the FlashForwards has been effectively used in Arrow Season 4, showing that one of the team members of Team Arrow is going to die in the future which turned out to be the Black Canary.

This filming trick helped keep the fans guessing and the plot fresh. It could most certainly be used often in the other shows.

Felicity will become the next Oracle

She had all the goods to become the Arrowverse’s version of the Oracle – DC Comics’ most formidable computer hacker/expert. Then the writers redacted everything and turned her back into her annoying old self. Felicity is still not cured.

It is the chip in her that helps her walk. It could soon malfunction and she could end up in the wheelchair again. The Oracle Theory is still possible but the chances are slim.

Dinah Drake is the Grandmother of Laurel and Sara Lance

This theory is completely crazy. But somehow it never manages to lose steam. Dinah Drake is the current Black Canary. But she is theorized to be much more than just a vigilante. Time travel is an old concept in the Arrowverse.

One theory suggests that Dinah is somehow time-displaced into the past where she gives birth to a girl also called Dinah. Young Dinah then meets Quentin Lance and soon Laurel and Sara are born. Like I said, Craaaazzzeeeyyy!!!

Reverse Flash will become Barry Allen


Crisis on Earth X was an extremely beautiful four-part crossover. It also gave us a cryptic plot point that could be explored in the future. Eobard Thawne is alive and kicking. Apparently, not even death is quick enough to catch him. He used a futuristic face shaping technology to wear the face of Harrison Wells again.

He is back on the streets of the Arrowverse. Maybe this time he wears a face all too familiar. That could be this season’s ‘Big Reveal.’

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