Stephen Amell Reveals His Costume for the Arrowverse Mega Crossover Event

The CW network has a lot of shows. But none of those shows comes even close to the Arrowverse, a superhero shared universe consisting of the likes of Green Arrow, the Flash, Super Girl and the Legends of Tomorrow. A few years ago, a new trend caught steam within the small screen superhero universe. Crossover events where all the heroes of all the shows came together for one big adventure became a reality. After the first Arrow-Flash combo episode, the network has not looked behind ever since.

This year the Arrowverse is all set for the next big crossover event and they say it is going to take the hype up a botch. And Stephen Amell, the actor who plays Oliver Queen aka the Green Arrow on the sets of the shows with the same name, has just shared with the fans of the show something really interesting.

Stephen Amell is as fit as a ninja. He is truly the Green Arrow the DC fans truly deserve. But it’s not just his body and physique that makes him so lovable. His affection for his fans and his willingness to go the extra mile to satiate their thirst is also something we have come to respect.

Rumors had it that the Arrow will be getting a brand new costume for the Arrowverse crossover event that will happen at the end of 2018. We never got any confirmation regarding that news up until now. And you can thank Stephen Amell for that.

The Arrow lead star took to Twitter recently and announced that he has officially started working on the crossover event scheduled for this year in The CW. The picture of him he shared showed us the star being prepared on set to be fitted with a custom built face mask for the vigilante from Star City.

Here is the twitter post we are talking about:

Is it Oliver Queen we are talking about or is it anyone else? Considering the fact that the concept of Doppelgangers is not new to the shows and the fact that actual other worlds with the same characters and different backstories exist in the Arrowverse, it would be hard not to presume otherwise.

But the Arrowverse showrunners themselves have confirmed that there were works going on to design new costumes for the heroes of The CW network just for the Crossover events.

Beth Schwartz, the top shot caller of Arrow right now, said this at the San Diego Comic-Con International and we quote:

“There are some new costumes. I can’t really tease anything else. I’m sorry! But you guys are going to be so excited.”

The arrow show has shown us that Oliver Queen likes to change his spandex tights. Each season shows us a different facelift, or should we say, a body lift, for the Green Arrow. The first three seasons showed us the Arrow wearing a traditional green outfit gifted to him by his mentor Yao Fei.

Then Season 4 and 5 showed us Arrow has started to upgrade his gear. Season 4 was when Arrow decided to go full tactical with a smooth green and black vigilante suit. Season 5 gave us that detestable shoulder bad which only went away in Season 6, which reintroduced the half sleeves and gave us the Green Arrow we know and love to this day.


But this time the Green Arrow costume won’t be focusing just on the chest and hands, it will also give us a fully masked Oliver Queen in his Green Arrow Avatar if the picture is to be trusted.

The last crossover event was titled Crisis on Earth X which saw the heroes of the Arrowverse butt heads with champions from an alternate dimension. The official synopsis of the event reads:

On Earth-1, Barry Allen and Iris West’s friends, including Kara Danvers and her adoptive sister Alex from Earth-38, come to Central City for Allen and West’s wedding. … The wedding ceremony is interrupted by invaders from EarthX led by Dark Arrow, his Kryptonian wife Overgirl, and Prometheus.

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