TWD: 4 Characters Who May Have Fallen Prey to Negan’s Rage

The Walking Dead just had the best season finale in the show’s (or any show’s) history. It ended on a shocking death cliff-hanger, everyone knew that a major character death was coming, but the suspense was chilling. AMC sure did capitalise on the buzz among fans by not answering the question. While you wait until October 2016, here is a list of speculated characters who may have got their head bashed by Negan.


Glenn has to be the number one pick in any list on this subject. The major reason being the fact that he is the victim to Lucile’s wrath in the comics. Add to that the fact that the show’s creators have spoken several times about being true to the comics. However, it isn’t all written in stone. The show has decided to deviate from the comics a number of times, the major one being Andrea’s death. Glenn is a really character and his “death” in a previous episode sparked much uproar so the creators might just keep him going. Regardless, his death in the comic was a defining moment and to skip that in the show might just turn out to be a mistake.


Everyone loves Daryl. And that might just be reason enough to kill him. Killing off the best characters seems to be the trend in the TV game right now (*cough*GOT *cough*). Killing off Daryl might just be the perfect way to get TWD some major media time. The fans have already declared “Kill Daryl, and we riot” but the creators know the truth is far from it. It might just be the way to answer all those who think the show is getting “too predictable”.


Speculation around Eugene’s death is based on the build that his character has been given over the second half of the season. He might just turn out to be the next ‘Noah’. He has undergone redemption and come out as a survivor. In TWD context, that’s the best time to kill someone. Also, the last episode had him in the classic ‘Saying his goodbyes’ mode that each character does in his last moments. Logically, being the weakest, it would make sense for Negan to kill him too. And considering he isn’t the sole holder of the formula to make bullets, he is quite dispensable to the course of events.


Strategically speaking, Maggie would be the perfect kill in all aspects. She’s a character big enough to generate buzz among fans. It makes sense to kill her in terms of following the comic book too as she would be the perfect replacement for Glenn’s death. And it makes sense as a part of the story too because she is the weakest right now due to her pregnancy. Further, in terms of impact too, by virtue of her being pregnant, Maggie’s death would be the most impactful to the viewer.

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