4 Mind-Boggling Facts That Every GOT Fan Should Know About Arthur Dayne

The latest episode titled ‘Oathbreaker’ was the most awaited episode for a long time, as it was supposed to make a startling revelation about Jon Snow’s parents, but it failed to hit the mark. Finally, we saw a Tower of Joy flashback from the eyes of Bran Stark (training with three-eyed raven to become green seer) who witnessed how Arthur Dayne (Member of Mad King’s Kingsguard) single-handedly took down the forces of Lord Stark and prevented them from entering Tower of Joy where Lyanna Stark was possibly kept by Prince Rhaegar Targaryen.

Here are the 4 things every GOT viewer should know about his life:

Jamie Lannister worships Arthur Dayne:

arthur dayne

There is a particular scene in the show where Jamie talks about Arthur Dayne as someone who taught him sword fighting when he first joined King’s guard during the time of Targaryen rule. He admired him and considered him as his role model.

History of Dawn:

arthur dayne

It is said that 10,000 years ago, a First man, creator of House Dayne saw a meteor fall onto the earth and used it to forge their ancestral blade called Dawn. It is part of a family tradition to pass the sword to the most worthy person. It is as strong as Valyrian steel, if not stronger. Although the TV show didn’t showcase the sword in the Tower of Joy flashback scene.

Tower of Joy:

arthur dayne

It is one of the most important, transformative historical event at Westeros, which literally altered its future course. Arthur Dayne was deployed to guard Tower of Joy while Prince Rhaegar was fighting Robert Baratheon’s forces at Trident. We were made to believe that Ned Stark defeated Arthur Dayne in a fair fight, but it was Howland Reed who slit his throat from the back before Ned Stark finished him off.

He is one of the greatest warriors:

arthur dayne

Ned Stark called him “the finest knight he ever knew”. Even Barristan Selmy was all praise for the man. When Bran saw him fighting against his father, he was shocked to see how good he was.

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