10 Greatest Action Anime of All Time

The World of Anime has not much of a meaning outside Japan. There are only a few Anime lovers scattered throughout the world. Countless people watch Hollywood and TV Shows but seldom do you encounter Anime fans. While most scoff at the idea of Anime and desecrate it by calling them ‘cartoons’, those that do get into this world realize how fantastic and alluring it can be. Presenting the 10 Greatest Action Anime of All Time….

One Punch Man

We Start off the list with a guy that looks deceptively ordinary but is extremely powerful, perhaps the most powerful being of the Planet. One Punch Man is about Saitama and how he wants to make it big as a Superhero. What makes it interesting is that not only the action scenes are top notch but the origin of Saitama’s godlike strength is never revealed which kind of adds a mystery element to the series.

My Hero Academia

Midoriya is a kid living in a world where everyone is born with superhuman quirks. Midoriya is quirkless, meaning he has no superpowers. He then becomes the disciple of the greatest Superhero on Earth and joins a Superhero school. His adventure begins with a bang.

Attack on Titan

Eren Jaeger lives in a City covered by the Walls. No one knows why the walls were built until huge humanoid monsters break through the wall and start eating people. Eren joins the army and tries to fight back until he realizes he could transform into one of those Monsters himself.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

The story of this anime is as beautiful as the fight sequences. Edward and Alphonse Elric live in a world where Alchemy has taken over technology. Edward is called the Fullmetal Alchemist, a gifted warrior and the youngest alchemist of his country. Alphonse is a walking, talking shell of armor.

Hunter X Hunter

Gon and Killua are the best of buddies. But they live in a world that is not as simple. Both the toddlers are Hunters, superhuman private soldiers that can do amazing physical feats by manipulating ‘Nen’. Their adventures are diverse and unique. The action scenes will make you drool over a flood.

Tokyo Ghoul

Not many could have achieved in such a short span of time the way Tokyo Ghoul did. The idea of a protagonist that eats human flesh and being unknowingly drawn into the supernatural underworld of Ghouls drew the attention of many. The second season was not as well received but the action sequences kept getting better and better with each episode.


Ichigo Kurosaki used to be a normal guy. Then he realized that Supernatural protectors of the Spirit Kingdom called Shinigamis exist and soon, he became one too. Bleach has been one of the longest running TV Series ever, along with One Piece and Naruto. So if you are into the lengthy, never-ending anime sort of thing, we recommend you watch this.


You cannot fall more in love with this one. Naruto has it all – drama, action, story, mystery, twists and turns that will turn your ass into a puddle, and most of all – incredible back story. The way the Manga and the Anime gripped the anime world and rocked it to its very core is commendable. Naruto is all about Ninjas using a supernatural force within their body called Chakra to do incredible feats.

Dragon Ball

When you say action animes and you don’t mention Dragon Ball, you will be sent to prison. Goku is the legendary fighter of Anime, the very first that made it so big in the whole wide world. The Story of Dragon Ball is about seven Dragon Balls that when put together, can grant any wish. Goku and his friends are seasoned warriors who try to stop the bad guys from getting their hands on the Dragon balls and saving the world multiple times in the process.

One Piece

One Piece will make you cry and laugh at the same time. The storyline is so good we still don’t know why Hollywood hasn’t picked it up for a movie and whitewashed the characters yet. The Story of One Piece involves Luffy and his gang of pirates trying to locate the legendary One Piece treasure so that Luffy can become the Pirate King.

Honorable Mention: Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is about Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia as they make their way to the top of the Wizarding World. Although it is, in essence, an action anime, Fairy Tail is not included in the primary list because the fight scenes aren’t as cool. But there are so many of them that you will wonder that you couldn’t care less about the quality.

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