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Captain America Almost Fought A Big CGI Villain In His First Film

Marvel has come a long way since Captain America: The First Avenger. To this date, the movie is regarded as one of the best chapters explored by Marvel. First of all, the movie introduced Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers who went on to become Captain America. It explored his transition from being a propaganda tool to rescuing a group of 200 warriors. While the movie revolved around war, it did not fail to explore Steve Rogers as a character. But regardless of the success, the movie was criticized for the poor handling of its main villain Red Skull. But now, it seems like Captain America almost fought a big CGI villain in the First Avenger.

Captain America Almost Fought A Big CGI Villain

Fans were particularly disappointed by the way  Hugo Weaving’s Red Skull was handled. But now, screenwriters for The First Avenger, Christopher Markus, and Stephen McFeely revealed that there was another villain. But this villain was scrapped off due to low budget and timing issues. In a recent interview with Kevin Polowy, transcribed by Yahoo! Entertainment, they revealed:

“I think eventually it was a budget and time thing. Where it was like, ‘We really can’t be spending that much time.’”

The writers revealed that Evans’ Captain America almost fought a HYDRA robot called Panzer Max which was controlled by Red Skull. Markus further confirmed that “a large chunk of the third act was Cap fighting this robot.” But just like many movies, the idea was scrapped off due to budget issues and time constraints.

Who Is Panzer Max?

Captain America Almost Fought A Big CGI Villain

Considering Panzer Max’s comic history, it’s actually very limited. The character has appeared only appeared in one comic, a 2009 issue centered around The Howling Commandos. The robot was created by HYDRA boss Baron Strucker. The World War II team dropped into Yugoslavia and had to take on the robot.

Captain America Almost Fought A Big CGI Villain

When translated to English from German, the name loosely translates to Tank Maximum. Task means Panzer and Max is simply an abbreviated term of maximum. The reason why Red Skull as a villain is criticized by the audience is because of his anti-climatic battle with Captain America. The fight barely had any action, and after a few punches, Red Skull was teleported into Space when he tried to use the Tesseract.

In hindsight, it’s actually good that Cap did not fight a giant robot. That’s because Red Skull had his own after story to tell which we saw in Avengers: Infinity War as he appeared on Vormir. His failure as a villain was because of his own actions, so conceptually, he was his own enemy.

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