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Baron Zemo Will Be The Batman of MCU’s Thunderbolts

With 24 films and 3 exclusive TV shows, the MCU has introduced us to plenty of villains. But only a handful of them have turned into anti-heroes or outright good guys. The rest either died or remained as bad guys. Now as things are evolving and the MCU is expanding faster than ever, we are going to see many villains turn into anti-heroes. I believe that they’d form a team and Baron Zemo will be the Batman of that team.

DC has a well-established Suicide Squad up and running. By the time we get to James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller’s expendable team of villains will have been around for 4 to 5 years in the DCEU. As for the MCU, we don’t have a squad of villains fighting to actually save the day. But there will soon be one of those as Marvel is set to introduce us to the Thunderbolts.

For a long time, Secretary Ross has wanted to have his own squad of enhanced individuals. And now I’d say that we’re very close to actually seeing his Suicide Squad, that is the Thunderbolts. By Suicide Squad, I mean that the team of Thunderbolts will consist of former MCU villains. They’d be turned into anti-heroes who would probably fight for reduced sentences or other government contracts. The reason we know that the Thunderbolts are coming is because of returning villains like Baron Zemo, Emil Blonsky, Justin Hammer, and even Ghost.

Baron Zemo will be the Batman

The US Agent started off as an antagonist, but he was redeemed at the end. Val recruited him, and she also recruited Yelena recently. I believe that she is working with Thaddeus Ross. And we’re going to see a pretty gun team of the Thunderbolts. Others in this team could be Taskmaster, Zemo, the Abomination, Red Hulk, and probably even Agatha Harkness.

Anyway, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier showed us how Zemo is going to be the cynical Batman of this team in the future. He has been among the greatest of all MCU villains. I’d say that he is the most powerful non-powered villain in the MCU (well he was before Kang). You might think that Thanos is the only villain who actually defeated the Avengers. But he wouldn’t have been the biggest bad guy if it wasn’t for Zemo.

Baron Zemo was driven by his hatred for the Avengers. He made the Avengers empire crumble from within. Before Zemo showed up, the Avengers had neutralized threats like Loki, Hydra, and Ultron. But then, they were defeated by Thanos simply because of Zemo. Tony Stark and Steve Rogers did not present a united front, which is why the Avengers lost. 5 years of the blip, and whatever has been happening after it is all because of what Zemo did. Hence, he is the best villain and he’s certainly got the best moves on a dance floor.

Baron Zemo will be the Batman

Now, the MCU has added yet another layer to his character. Till now, Zemo just seemed like a skillful former soldier with a genius tactical brain. But on top of that, he is rich. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier reveals the fact that he is “Royalty.” Now whether that makes or breaks the character is up for debate. But what his richness does is that it turns him into an anti-heroic Batman of the Thunderbolts team.

He’s a pretty white boy who knows how to party. He has a lot of vintage cars, a private jet, a butler, and a great sex appeal. He wears a mask, can kick some serious ass, and is a total genius. On top of all this, he can really get under someone’s skin and even manipulate people. Now tell me that you don’t see a parallel between him and Batman. I dare you. I double dare you! He will certainly do what Batman does for the Justice League. His intentions aren’t clear yet, but I feel that he will soon be turned into an Anti-Hero for sure.

Do you think Baron Zemo will be the Batman of MCU’s Thunderbolts? Let us know in the comments.

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