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14 Crazy Details About Iron Man Spotted By MCU Fans

Iron Man is a name that is deeply embedded in the comics and the MCU as well. it’s easier to put it this way – Iron Man kicked off the MCU. In 2008 when the first Iron Man film came to be, it was a huge hit with the fans of Marvel. Not soon after we saw the franchise grow. It all started for our Iron Man when Stark was kidnapped by the terrorist organization – The Ten Rings. Since 2008, Tony has made several appearances while leading three solo films. So, it is natural that people would dive into the details of the movies and correlate. Hence, here’s a list of small yet details about Iron Man spotted by the audience.

1. Thanos’ Dialogue Is A Callback To Iron Man 2

Thanos is a Mad Titan and literally a God-level threat. Tony’s nanotech suit was anything but ordinary. He made a God bleed, which was an epic callback to Iron Man 2, a dialogue by Vanko.

2. Iron Man’s new Homing Suit Hits Him Hard

Tony’s new homing suit hit him so hard in one of the assembling scenes that if you look closely at his lip, you would see it split. Crazy attention to detail. Makes it more realistic.

3. Steve and Tony’s Criticisms From Avengers Proved Wrong In Endgame

Tony Stark’s character development was a serious one. From a selfish and self-absorbed human being, he went on to sacrifice himself and save the world. He did not think twice and simply snapped his fingers away, proving Steve wrong. Where Cap is considered, he was special even before he got the super-soldier serum. He was able to lift Mjolnir – He who’s worthy shall wield this force. Now, this is special. Hence, proving Stark wrong.

4. Tony Predicting Danger & Saving Potts

This scene offered a side of Tony that established him as a superhero. It was almost like Spidey’s sixth sense. He predicted this attack, and save Pepper Potts. When you’re a billionaire and a problem, you have to be vigilant of your vicinity.

5. Tony Gave The Shrapnel In His Chest As a Necklace to Pepper

Tony and Pepper’s relationship was rather shown beautifully throughout the Infinity Saga. Moreover, she had a big hand in Tony’s change of heart. A minute detail that may warm your heart is that Tony gave the shrapnel in his chest to Pepper as a necklace. Thoughtful, isn’t it?

6. War Machine’s Suit Is Heavier Than Iron Man’s

One interesting detail that differentiates Tony’s suit from the rest is its sleek abilities. For example, War Machine’s suit shakes the camera on its landing, indicating that his suit is heavier, possibly even retro in technology.

7. The Casino Theme Music Is From The 1960 Iron Man Cartoon

When it comes to Marvel, one can expect several tiny details that make up for greater applause. In a similar scenario, the casino theme music that is playing in the background is actually the music from the 1960’s Iron Man cartoon.

8. The Energy Moves From The Arc Reactor To Repulsor

If you look closely, then the transferring wires will show the energy flowing from the Arc Reactor to the repulsor. This detail is actually crucial because shows Iron Man’s journey in a deeper manner.

9. Ex-Wife Fizzles Out When Used On Vanko

Unlike the rest, when the Ex-Wife is used on Vanko, it simply fizzles out. It literally doesn’t do any harm to Vanko and he simply carries on. That’s not only it, the Ex-Wife doesn’t even blow up or do anything cool. Really an embarrassing moment for War Machine.

10. War Machine Armor Language Turns To Russian

In Iron Man 2, War Machine’s armor language turns to Russian. Even though it isn’t clear, it’s derivative after some deciphering.

11. Tony’s Arc Reactor Energy Output

Tony has built a lot of suits throughout his journey in the MCU. But the energy output on his arc reactor subtly proves that it is superior to Vanko’s.

12. Obadiah’s ‘Ninth Symphony’

In Iron Man, Obadiah tells Stark that the Arc Reactor is his ninth symphony. In the world of music, the ninth symphony is the last piece of music that the composers make. Hence, he was implying that he is going to kill Stark and that the reactor is his last creation.

13. An Intern Click A Picture With Tony In Age Of Ultron

If you look closely in the background, then you can a girl holding her hand, almost looking like she’s clicking a picture. Well, this was an intern in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and she actually clicked a picture with Tony.

14. Ralphie From “A Christmas Story” Did A Cameo In Iron Man

Peter Billingsley’s character Ralphie in A Christmas Story was seen in Iro Man 3. Tony referenced this by saying, “I loved you in A Christmas Story, by the way.

So, did you notice any other tiny details about Iron Man? Let us know in the comments below!

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