10 Theories About The Phase 4 Big Bad After Loki series

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has entered its fourth phase with new television shows and The Black Widow movie. One unresolved question ever since the climax of Avengers: Endgame is ‘Who will take over as the next main antagonist in the franchise?’ Fans have been speculating for a long while. There are a plethora of villains to choose from but the Loki season finale seems to point at Kang. However, we think that the MCU writers are giving us the run-around and actually want to hide their true villain until they arrive on the scene with explosions et al. So we have collected the 10 best theories about the Phase 4 big bad after Loki. Take a look:


Let’s start with an obvious one. Galactus is a universe-ending threat in the cosmos. His powers are nigh unlimited and they only take a backseat to his hunger. Galactus has attacked Earth-616 many a time, and his advent into the MCU would not be that surprising. But with the Phase 4 multiversal war brewing on the horizon, it is likely that the world eater will intervene to take control along with all his Multiverse Variants.

Kang Prime

It won’t be a Phase 4 list if we don’t mention Kang. Loki’s season finale set him up as the next universal threat. But we are not talking about the Kang in Loki. We are talking about the original Kang. Kang Prime is the man who denoted one timeline as the sacred timeline. He is the one who controls the TVA from the shadows and makes sure that all things happen as they are supposed to. It is theorized that Kang Prime will lead an army of Kangs in the multiversal war.


Phase 4 Big Bad After Loki

During the events of SpiderVerse in Marvel comics, we saw the rise of a new species of Villains. The vampiric beings of Earth-001 hunted Spider-Totems throughout the multiverse to achieve their intent. The multiverse hopping beings are so powerful that they disposed of Captain Universe Spider-Man in an instant. Morlun is the leader of these vampiric beasts and is the temporary killer of Earth-616 Spider-Man. He is extremely dangerous and perfect to be a Multiversal Villain.

Doctor Doom

Anyone who has followed the BattleWorld storyline throughout the history of Marvel comics knows how crazy the latest iteration was. Doctor Doom merged with The Beyonder and used his power to shape reality as he wanted. The resulting world was a wasteland of mashed-up walled cities where people fought for survival. Seeing as how the Fantastic 4 are predicted to be introduced into the MCU, it is likely that Doom will take center stage as an omnipotent villain. Doom is extremely intelligent and the only person who can stop him is Doom himself.


The original Age of Ultron storyline from the comics was a multiverse hopping adventure focused on time travel. We joined the story after Ultron had already defeated all the Superheroes. Wolverine and Sue Richards then traveled back in time to kill him before he was born only to find that they ruined the timeline more than once. Seeing as the MCU is vying for the “Bill always come due”, it is fitting to give one of their old villains a more prominent role. James Spader’s Ultron would make a compelling antagonist, even on a multiversal scale.


A demon-like being, Mephisto is a twisted version of a character from the Faust legend. He is one of the lords of hell in the Marvel Multiverse and has an affinity for kidnapping and torture. He has displaced numerous characters in his pursuit of entertainment. The dimension-hopping being has unlimited power and is in the perfect position to seek control of the multiverse. A demon is something that the Avengers are yet to take on, so this one might be an interesting suggestion.


In Doctor Strange, we met the being that lived beyond time, named Dormammu. A super-powered ruler of the Dark Dimension. He was defeated by Dr. Strange at the end of his standalone movie. The Sorcerer Supreme used the time stone to wear out Dormammu and tricked him into believing that Strange is almost immortal. But now that the time stone is forever destroyed it is likely that the Dark Dimension will come back to haunt us. There can be no moment more opportune than the Multiversal War for this return.


Phase 4 Big Bad After Loki

Onslaught is a character that was born from the minds of Professor X and Magneto. He is a nigh-omnipotent villain with almost unlimited power. In the comics, he was responsible for the death of Avengers, Doctor Doom, and even The Hulk (someone who was considered immortal). The character ended the marvel universe and forced the universe into a reboot. His strength is the perfect way for the MCU to introduce a villain that can never be defeated. Onslaught may also be the perfect way to integrate the Fox universe with the MCU. He also has the power to absorb the foes he defeats, so the longer he battles the more powerful he gets.


A more human villain than the other ones on the list, Chameleon is a master of disguise. He is a super spy who originally went against Spider-Man at the start of his career. The villain uses his knowledge and acting proficiency to take over the identity of any person, be it a hero or a villain. Chameleon may not have any Superpowers but he is extremely dangerous because of his strategizing mind. He can destroy all your planning in an instant if he is so inclined. A beautiful contrast can be drawn between him and Thanos The Mad Titan. A contrast that all the fans will appreciate.


Deadpool has become a fan favorite after the release of two of his movies. His storylines seem to be based in a pocket reality almost the same but still different from the main Fox X-men universe. I theorize that the executives are waiting for the multiversal war to set Deadpool loose on the Marvel Multiverse. When they do, they will end the Fox Universe when Deadpool commits genocide. The mere suggestion seems horrific but the character has already done it before in the comics.

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