New Logan Deleted Scene Gives A MAJOR Easter Egg You Need To Know About

When Logan (Wolverine) was released, the expectations were high for the film. For one thing, Hugh Jackman’s retirement from the Wolverine character was marketed as big raw for fans to feel enough “feels” so they would say goodbye for the last time. Then there was all the unfinished business from the past few film that many were hoping would find a resolution before Hugh Jackman’s departure.

New Logan Deleted Scene Gives A MAJOR Easter Egg You Need To Know About

By the time the film came out, many were disappointed that some of their favorites from Wolverine’s world had not even gotten an acknowledgment. One of those characters was Sabretooth, a villain who had a long history with Logan even before he became Wolverine. Sabretooth was last seen in The Wolverine, where their past was given light to, but their relationship was never mended. Logan and Sabretooth were once childhood friends as well as being siblings.

The release of Logan’s DVD and Blu-Ray release, however, may give some fans a sense of closure for that part of Wolverine’s life. In a deleted scene from the last film, Bobby, one of the child mutants escaped from Xander Rice’s facility, asks Logan whether the action figure he was holding (Victor Creed aka Sabretooth) was real. Logan then recounts the events of Origins: Wolverine where the pair (in that movie brothers) were experimented on and used as weapons. The same character who holds Sabretooth’s figurine also holds Wolverine’s when he is buried at the end of the movie (spoilers!).

Sabretooth was actually written by Logan but was cut out by director James Mangold, as the character was becoming a distraction to the story that was being told. And although that was a sad day for fans, the director made a good call as the end product was the best one, out of all of Wolverine’s solo movies.

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