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10 Biggest Unanswered Questions of Black Widow

Black Widow was definitely able to tell Natasha Romanoff’s story. The movie followed Nat’s life after Captain America: Civil War leading directly into Avengers: Infinity War. Even though it had some good actions, the people couldn’t help but feel the story getting discontinued. Overall, the movie was good. but there were a lot of things happening just for the sake of the plot. We didn’t get any proper explanations for them. Here are the biggest unanswered questions of Black Widow:

Unanswered Questions of Black Widow

1. How Did Red Guardian Get His Superpowers?

Alexei’s introduction was a rather dramatic one. We know that he’s a super-soldier, and even Natasha refers to him as one during his prison break. But the movie never dwelled on the transformation of Alexei into the Red Guardian. Plus, he also said that he was the Soviet Union’s first and only super-soldier. So the method and whatever serum that was used isn’t replicable. So his history should’ve been brought to the light of day.

2. Why Does Alexei Think He Fought Captain America?

In reality, Alexei has never fought with Captain America. First, he’s too young to do that, and second, Cap was frozen until the events of The Avengers. So it’s easy to theorize that the story he so rightfully boasts about is just driven by his ego. He even asks Natasha if Steve ever mentioned him. Earlier also I’ve said that he desired to achieve the same status as Captain America. So the movie could have shed some light on this topic somewhere in the later part of it.

3. How Did Alexei Know About Melina’s Red Room Work?

Unanswered Questions of Black Widow

Nat and Yelena were able to rescue Alexei from the prison. But he soon reveals that he doesn’t know anything about Dreykov’s Red Room, but his make-believe wife Melina might. And then, he leads the sister-duo right to Melina’s location. But how was he so sure about this if he was in prison since the mid-1980s? Moreover, he found his Red Guardian costume too easily as if nothing changed. Considering that they lived here before, how was so he so sure that Melina is still here, working for the Red Room, or even alive?

4. Why Are Natasha And Yelena Okay With Killing Innocent People?

Alexei’s prison break was definitely a fun watch. Nat and Yelena both came to rescue him from the prison, was it definitely wasn’t that easy. As the sequence intensifies, Yelena fires a missile at one of the guard stations which becomes one of the many reasons for an avalanche. As guards and inmates ran in, it’s very much possible that some innocent people might have died, and that is something that is not so Natasha-like. Moreover, them being jokey about this whole incident just seemed off.

5. How Do Taskmaster’s Mimicry Powers Work?

Taskmaster was easily the catch of this film. Even though her true identity was a shocker, which we already theorized, Taskmaster was someone you just couldn’t defeat. She was able to take out Natasha without breaking a sweat, and the Red Guardian couldn’t even land a punch on her. The Taskmaster is Antonia, Dreykov’s daughter. In the comics, Taskmaster simply had an inherent talent for mimicry, and Antonia could be the same way. But once again, no proper clarification was given on this part.

6. How Does The Red Room’s Mind Control Actually Work?

If anything, then Black Widow established the fact that Dreykov and his whole Red Room initiative has advanced a gazillion times since Natasha escaped. Dreykov was seen controlling his Widows to such an extent that he could even eliminate them against their will. We also got to know a bit about Taskmaster, Dreykov’s greatest invention. But still, some questions do not add up. What does the red vial actually do? Are the Widows even remotely present in the subconscious when under his control? The movie should have explained it in a better way.

7. How Did Dreykov Survive The Explosion?

Unanswered Questions of Black Widow

Early on in the movie, it is revealed that Dreykov is very much alive and still functioning. Nat’s attempt to kill him, along with his daughter as collateral damage was a flop mission. But that’s coming from SHIELD and is a little unbelievable. In a flashback scene, we see Nat giving the green light to Hawkeye to blow up the building, that had Dreykov and his daughter Antonia in it. And the building blows up. But later in the film, it is shown that Antonia had suffered severe injury. And on the other hand, Dreykov was still looking fresh as new. Moreover, the movie made no attempts in explaining this one bit.

8. How Does Natasha Escape From Ross?

In Natasha’s introduction, we see her escaping from General Ross after the events of Captain America: Civil War. Being the super-skilled spy she is, she’s able to escape with much ease. But after the smoke settles, General Ross and his convoy locate Black Widow at the event of the crash. While everyone flees, Nat decides to stay. But no official confrontation is shown. 2 weeks later, Nat is seen in a jet flying away to her Avengers family. How did she escape? There’s no explanation, but director Cate Shortland has said that it is for the audience to fill and it was left like that purposefully.

9. Why Does Yelena Believe Hawkeye Caused Black Widow’s Death?

In the post-credit scene, Yelena is approached by Valentina and she hires her for a kill job. The target is none other than Clint Barton, aka, Hawkeye. She tells Yelena that he is the one who’s responsible for Natasha’s death. Yelena is particularly vulnerable at the moment as she’s mourning her sisters’ death. But why would she believe Val so easily when the knowledge of Endgame is so readily broadcasted? Yelena’s heard Natasha talk plenty of times about how she and Hawkeye are friends. So, this is something that might be seen in future MCU shows.

10. Where Are Yelena And The Widows In Infinity War And Endgame?

This is the biggest plothole of the movie as it is based between the time of Civil War and Infinity War. So why is it that none of the Widows, Melina, Yelena, and Alexie were seen during the events of Infinity War and Endgame as well? Obviously, this can be attributed to Black Widow not existing at the time those movies were made, but still, it poses a plothole because it was all about the allies coming together.

Black Widow is currently in theatres and on Disney+ with premium access.

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