10 Most Heartbreaking Things About Loki in the MCU

Loki has been a very popular villain in the MCU franchise. But apart from that, we have also seen other shades of the character. This is a reason why MCU fans love Loki so much. It is also the reason why the character got his own series on Disney+. The series is already a hit among MCU fans. Loki has gone through a lot if we look at his history. This makes us sympathize with the character. He might be a villain. But he has also suffered a lot. Now let’s have look at the most heartbreaking things about Loki in the MCU.

Heartbreaking Things About Loki

1. Thor didn’t realize he treated Loki as inferior

Thor was always loved by his father and Loki was always ignored. Even Thor always felt that he was superior to Loki. For example, Thor treats Loki as he were beneath him in Jotunheim and tells Loki to know his place. Loki also persuades Thor to get back to Asgard as he threatened their safety by bombarding Jotunheim. The Get Help trip was considered a joke, but Loki considered it as humiliation since he was flung into his enemies as part of Thor’s onslaughts.

2. He had no choice but to continue working for Thanos

Loki came across Thanos in space. Thanos offered him the scepter in exchange for Loki to bring it back while using its power to attain the Tesseract at the same time. Loki convinced himself that he wants to take over the Earth. But he had doubts after his sentiments for Thor took over him. But Thanos’ underling, The Other appears to Loki in a vision where he threatens his life saying that Thanos would find Loki and unleash his fury on him if Loki fails in his quest. Here, Loki realized that he must go through with the incursion of Earth even if he doesn’t want to.

3. He was falsely promised Kingship

Heartbreaking Things About Loki

Loki’s sense of entitlement was born when he was promised that he would be king one day. This is shown when Thor and Loki are children. Here, Odin claims that Thor would claim the throne of Asgard. But both Thor and Loki were born to be kings. Odin’s promise was not realized. But it leaves Loki confused as to why his father promised him he would be the king. He remained only second fiddle to Thor where grooming Odin’s successor was concerned.

4. He Only Wanted to be Thor’s Equal

In the climax fight of Thor, Loki revealed that he has no problem with Thor becoming the king. He would have gladly seen Thor taking the throne of Asgard. Loki’s problem was that he was never treated equally like Thor despite the fact that both of them were princes of Asgard. But Loki’s perception became of a power-hungry rebel who tried to off his own brother for claiming the throne while this was far from the truth. If Loki was treated in the same way as Thor, Loki would’ve had no issue with his coronation.

5. The play commemorating him was his way of getting Odin’s approval

When Thor returns to Asgard in Thor: Ragnarok, Thor finds Loki in the disguise of Odin having commissioned a play titled The Tragedy of Loki of Asgard that commemorated him. In the play’s ending, the actor playing Odin narrates a heartfelt tribute to Loki where he claims he loved the latter and had always done so. This was considered by Thor as Loki’s way of feeding his ego. But the play was Loki’s way of seeing Odin offer his approval to him, even if it was an actor playing the part, as he never managed to attain it.

6. He was abandoned as a baby shortly after his birth

Loki’s life started under tragic circumstances. His father wanted to do nothing with him. Loki was the prince of Jotunheim. But he was left to perish shortly after he was birth on an abandoned rock. Its reason was Laufey’s embarrassment at Loki’s size since the baby was very small for a Frost Giant. This was coincidental that the Asgardians had laid siege to Jotunheim at the time and Odin stumbled upon the baby Loki crying.

7. He gave his life because he didn’t want Thor to die alone

The opening scene of Avengers: Infinity War saw Thanos taking on the Asgardians in space and he eliminates half of the group. Thanos came searching for the Tesseract in Loki’s possession, which Loki revealed to have hidden where only he could claim it. Loki could have escaped since the Tesseract would have let him travel anywhere in the universe. But he did not since Thanos had Thor captive.

When Hulk is defeated by Thanos, Loki decides that he would go down with the ship. He attempts for one last time to kill Thanos but instead, he is killed by Thanos. Loki knew he would die but he stayed on board since he didn’t want Thor to die alone. He assured Thor by saying that the sun would shine on them again and they would meet again. But Thor had to see his brother Loki dying in front of his eyes and understood that Loki gave his life to be with Thor in death.

8. He took his biological father’s life to save his adoptive father

Heartbreaking Things About Loki

Towards the end of Thor, Loki planned to wipe out all of Jotunheim and end its entire race. He did it by taking down their leader, Laufey, who was Loki’s biological father. Laufey wanted to kill Odin and Loki allowed him to enter the palace where Odin was in slumber. But Loki betrayed Laufey and killed his biological father to save his adoptive father.

Loki assassinating Laufey was right since it ended the centuries-long conflict between Asgard and Jotunheim and allowed the Asgardians to be safe. But Loki didn’t get what he wanted to from all of this. Odin rejected Loki’s attempt to impress his father while Loki was placed to fall to his potential death in space. While Loki realizes that he had bought shame to Odin instead of proving himself, he let himself go since his grief at Odin’s abandonment was too great for him to bear.

9. He was never given credit for standing by Thor’s side for centuries

Loki later became a villain for many reasons. He was ignored and considered inferior in comparison to others. These things made him bad and he tried evil ways to conquer over everywhere. But initially, he was a part of Thor’s warrior group for centuries before the MCU events. Before all of this, Loki accompanied Thor in many battles. Thor was always appreciated for being a champion of the Asgardians and a worthy warrior. But Loki never received the same praise. The Warriors Three rather called him ‘mischievous’. This shows that Loki’s perception was as Thor’s troublesome little brother instead of a fellow fighter.

10. His last words to Frigga were his denial of being her son

Frigga was not allowed to visit Loki in his cell. But she still met Loki by using her magic and cast an illusion of herself around Loki. In her final visit to Loki, Frigga asked Loki to show remorse for his actions in the Battle of New York. But Loki screamed that Odin has killed more people in his lifetime and said that Odin was not his father. Frigga then asks if that meant she was not Loki’s mother, Loki hesitantly said that she wasn’t. He didn’t mean what he said and this was seen when he tried to apologize to her the next time while meeting her. But it was the last time Loki saw his mother since Frigga was shortly dispatched. What’s sadder here is that Loki was not allowed to attend her funeral.

These are all the Heartbreaking things about Loki. He isn’t a simple villain. He is much more.

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