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5 Superhero Movies Ruined By Bad CGI

Over the years we have gotten to see a lot of projects that are inspired by the comic books world of characters. Bringing them to the screen requires a special amount of cinematic mastery to make it visually interesting. The artworks in the comics could not be simply created to fitting imagery in the movies and thus CGI is required to bring them to life. Each of the projects in the MCU has proven the success that CGI can have in bringing these narratives to the screen. But the same cannot be said for every project we have gotten to see adapted from the comics. Some of the projects have had terrible CGI and this has led to absolute failure when it comes to the movies. Let’s take a look at the superhero movies ruined by bad CGI.


Considered to be the worst DC movie ever made, there is hardly anything that can redeem this movie. Half the things in the movie weren’t really required to be shown. The movie featured some of the worst CGI moments for the character of Catwoman performing the stunts. Using it for the stunts was a terrible idea and the movie also feature CGI cats who were not at all necessary. There are some horribly edited scenes from the movie that fans have discovered over the years in order to point out how terrible it actually is. It is said that the movie looks like a music video and less of a feature film.



Superhero movies ruined by bad CGI

It is hard to imagine that one of the best narratives from the Marvel comics Universe could be ruined this way. There is hardly anything that fans enjoyed upon watching Ben Affleck take on the role of Daredevil in this Marvel Film. One thing that this character is known for is the fight sequences and this movie features some of the worst of executions of these moments. These scenes looked absolutely sketchy and they relied a lot upon CGI to give them a modernistic touch. The movie relied on technology that had not advanced to the required levels while the making of the film.


X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Fans were excited upon hearing that we would be getting a solo venture focusing on the character of Wolverine. This is actually one of the most important characters amongst the mutants. But the movie failed to live up to the expectations of the fans as it had too much being brought into a single narrative. One of the most essential parts of Wolverine are his claws. The past X-Men films have been able to give us a wonderful rendition of the blades for the live-action. This time around the creators decided upon using CGI blades and it was absolutely eerie to look at.


Green Lantern

Superhero movies ruined by bad CGI

Green Lantern was going to be the very first adaptation of this character for the live-action. The movie was supposed to have sequels and a lot of other narratives at play with the references. But the movie actually ended up being one of the worst DC superhero movies we might have ever gotten to see. Majorly because the movie uses an extensive amount of CGI and it doesn’t work out at all for the narrative. Even the costume for the hero was CGI and this further worsened the look of the movie for the fans of the character. It is considered so bad that there were jokes about this movie riddled throughout the narrative of the Deadpool movies featuring Ryan Reynolds.


Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer

Fox has not been very successful with its superhero movies based on Marvel characters. The X-Men movies have had a number of failures and successes with the last few movies being absolutely terrible. But the worst was seen in the case of the Fantastic Four movies even though they featured quite an exciting narrative. The most essential part of these movies was the powers that the superhero family had. There were moments in the movie where we got to see the heroes use their powers and they ended up being some of the worst CGI moments for the movies. One particular scene in the sequel was so off-looking as Reed Richards used his elasticity to do a dance move.

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