10 Movies With The Most Horrible And Disappointing Endings

In movies and series, the last impression is always the final impression. An averagely rated Hollywood film can never disappoint you with its ending because there was never any expectation. But there are overly hyped films that betrayed us terribly. They had us glued to their suspense and thrill only to solve it with a senseless and awful plot. You must have heard of “All’s well that ends well”. Clearly, that phrase was used in the case of films where it doesn’t matter how the story starts as long as its climax is clever and intense. But the following movies heightened the tension in the beginning and slapped us in the face with a terrible ending. Here are 10 movies with the most horrible and disappointing endings.

The Devil Inside

Movies With Horrible Endings

Your deceiving ex will seem like an angel against this deceptive movie. It’s a documentary and footage style horror flick where a woman named Isabella conducts research on exorcisms twenty years after her mother was charged with the murders of three people and sent to a mental asylum. At the end, when her father notices some changes in Isabella, he decides to take her to an exorcist. But while they are on their way in the car, he gets possessed and rams through the traffic. What happens next? The screen turns off and only displays a link to a website. This film has the worst ending in the history of Hollywood.


Serenity is about a woman showing at her former husband’s place and asking him to help her murder her current abusive husband. Throughout the film, the former husband, Baker Dill is in a dilemma between staying in his tranquil life and helping his ex-wife. But here’s when the horrible twist comes- the story was not about Dill. Everything that happened in this “thriller” turned out to be a part of a video game created by Dill’s son Patrick who is wondering if he should change the game from fishing to killing his step-father.

Star Trek: Into Darkness

Star Trek: Into Darkness was a delightful watch for the fans through and through, except for the ending. The whole film had us glued to the screen but left our jaws dropped in the end. Instead of paying a subtle tribute to Star Trek: Wrath of Khan, its iconic predecessor, it copy-pastes the exact ending with a poor iteration on the actor’s part. Even the director of Wrath of Khan expressed his disappointment with the film version.

The Happening

Movies With Horrible Endings
Movies With Horrible Endings

It’s better not to watch the movie or stop it midway to have an ambiguous closure than unraveling the disappointing mystery. The Happening depicts a crisis in America (just like every film) where a toxin in the air is causing people to kill themselves. If you haven’t watched the movie then you can thank us for giving you the spoilers and saving your time. The toxin in the air was released by trees that are planning to return the favor to mankind of exploiting them.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

We are not the kind of audience who rely on logic while watching a fictional movie, especially when it’s a sci-fi. But Kingdom of the Crystal Skull crossed all limits and stayed away from reality as far as possible. We saw Indiana lock himself inside a fridge and surviving an explosive landing in it. But in the end, when the hero returns the Crystal Skull to a skeleton, an alien appears who tells story of how its species came to earth long ago and were confused with gods by the ancient civilization. After that, Indiana bids farewell to the alien and watched him fly off to its reality on a spaceship.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Yes, we are guilty growing up watching the Twilight Saga, but it WAS a trend back then. Regardless of the absurdity of the plot, the franchise had become a sensation. Fans were ready to defend the film till the end until the final part released. We were more than excited to watch Bella’s vampire form and the ultimate battle against the Volturi. The intensely action-filled battle did take place, but it all turned out to be a vision.


Lucy is mind-numbing film about a woman who gains psychokinetic powers after being injected with nootropic drug. At the end of this thriller, Lucy leaves a flash drive for Morgan Freeman’s character as she leaves human form and attains enlightenment.

The Forgotten

Movies With Horrible Endings
Movies With Horrible Endings

The story navigates the plight of a woman who is convinced that she had a son but can’t bring everyone else around her to remember him. As the mystery slowly unfolds, we learn that it wasn’t the woman with questionable sanity; it was the aliens who conspired with the government agency to conduct experiment son maternal instinct. Telly turned out to be the only mother who didn’t forget her son. Finally, the alien top boss was about to take away all her remaining memories of her son but fails to do so.

Saw 3D

Movies With Horrible Endings

We learn in Saw 3D that Dr. Gordon, who cut off his foot in the original Saw, was treated by John Kramer and welcomed to become his partner in setting up the deadly Jigsaw game. After Hoffman succeeds in killing Jill, Gordon takes Hoffman to the Jigsaw bathroom and locks him inside forever, leaving no hope for escape.

I Am Legend

I Am Legend the King of Outbreak Movies

I Am Legend is a legend in the history of worst movie endings. It is a poor adaption of Robert Matheson’s novel of the same title. It stars Will Smith as a scientist Robert Neville who is the last survivor in New York after a plague hits the city. Instead of going with the novel ending, they decided to go cliché. When Neville finds the cure, his house is attacked by a swarm of vampires. He then sends Anna and Ethan to safety with the cure while he holds the fort against the vampires. In the end, Will Smith dies and Anna and Ethan take the cure and save humanity. The movie had divided the audience and also released an alternate ending.

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