10 Marvel Actors Who Had Auditioned For Other MCU Roles

Marvel Actors Auditioned For Other Roles:

One of the major reasons why the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become the biggest and most successful franchise in the generic and in the superhero genre is because of the A-list actors. They have not only adapted to their character flawlessly on the screens but most of them seem to be born to play that particular role. Robert Downey Jr. and Tony Stark are so similar in real life that the two names become synonymous with each other. Unlike another universe such as the DC where one character undergoes multiple casting, MCU and its actors stick together till the end of the line. Apart from the Hulk and Rhodes, the audience has been watching the same face over the decade. The familiarity enables the fans and the characters to grow more and more connected.

But some of these actors had initially applied for a different character in the Marvel Universe. They might be dedicated and committed to their respective characters now, but long ago they wanted to become the face of another MCU character. Actors like Jenson Ackles from Supernatural who had auditioned for Captain America was offered to play Hawkeye but declined it. Others like Chris Pratt and Tom Hiddleston were also offered a different role, and they happily accepted it. Find out the 10 Marvel actors who had auditioned for other MCU roles.

 1. Jake Gyllenhaal as Doctor Strange

Spider-Man: Far From Home Mysterio Doctor Strange

Jake made an appearance in just one movie in the MCU but swept the fans off their feet as the cold and cunning villain, Mysterio. Before Spider-Man: Far From Home, Jake had auditioned for Doctor Strange which is now played by the talented Benedict Cumberbatch. According to reports, he did make it to the screen testing but lost it in the last round.

 2. Chadwick Boseman as Drax

He went to search for silver but ended up finding gold. The late actor Chadwick Boseman had auditioned for the funny Drax in the GOTG. The casting director Sarah Finn naturally liked Dave Bautista more fitting for the role as he portrayed Drax in a different and fun way. But Finn found the inspiring, compassionate, and brave Black Panther in Boseman. That’s why Chadwick got the role on a phone call without having to give an audition.

 3. Zachary Levi as Star-Lord

Zachary had auditioned for Star-Lord aka Peter Quill for the 2014 Guardians of the Galaxy. But instead of Star-Lord, he ended up replacing Josh Dallas for Fandral in Thor: The Dark Role. Sometimes an actor may not fit well for a particular character but that shouldn’t raise a question on his abilities. GOTG James Gunn recognized his talents and recommended him for another superhero role in DCEU. From a minor role in Thor, Smith ended up elevating his position as a lead role in the DC universe as the funny and entertaining superhero, Shazam.

 4. Sebastian Stan as Captain America

Not just Bucky but even the actor playing him was running for the Shield. Sebastian went to audition for Captain America but couldn’t reflect the positivity and hope that the superhero stands for. But the casting director found his discreet personality perfect for Winter Soldier and we couldn’t agree more.

 5. Tom Hiddleston For Thor

Looks like both Tom and his Loki wanted to be in Thor’s shoes. Before becoming the fan-favorite witty villain/hero Loki, the charming British actor had auditioned for the God of Thunder. He had impressed the MCU a great deal and went till the final rounds before Chris got the hammer. But the studio didn’t want to lose such a talent and did the best thing by casting him for the notorious God of Mischief. We can’t think of anyone else for the character.

 6. Sam Rockwell as Iron Man

We loved both RDJ as Tony Stark and Sam Rockwell as Justin Hammer, for they could reflect their assigned characters the best way. Had it not been Robert Downey Jr., Sam Rockwell would have landed up the coveted role of MCU’s face. Even though the director went worth RDJ, he was so impressed with Rockwell that he called him back to play Tony’s biggest rival. No wonder why these nemeses look like mirror images of each other.

 7. Karen Gillen as Sharon Carter

Before becoming one of the major characters of the MCU, Karen had approached the studio for Sharon Carter in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. She lost the role to Emily VanCamp but ended up getting something even better and bigger as the recurring star of Guardians of the Galaxy as Nebula.

 8. Chris Pratt as Captain America

Star-Lord & Captain America Team Up Battle Was Deleted

Another Chris who competed for Captain America was Pratt. He was in the early years of his career back then as a funny actor from Parks and Recreation. Since he displayed talent and potentials, the studio found the Captain in Chris Evans and the Star-Lord in Pratt.

 9. Michael B.Jordan As Falcon

Michael B.Jordan took the MCU fans by storm with his powerful performance as Eric Killmonger in Black Panther. He was so captivating that fans are not ready to let him from the MCU yet. Actors like Michael should get recurring roles in the MCU. Regardless, he had first auditioned for Captain America’s sidekick Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. But the Creed actor lost the part to Anthony Mackie and later called by the studios for Black Panther.

 10. Lupita Nyong’o For Nebula

The Oscar-winning actor Lupita was hoping to play Nebula in the Guardians of the Galaxy. But the studio had a different role for her in the store. While Nebula went to Karen Gillen, Lupita got the brave and intelligent Nakia the Black Panther. We hope that her character will grow further in the franchise.

 11. Lee Pace as Star-Lord

The MCU villain had originally approached the studios to Star-Lord in the GOTG. He lost the part to Chris Pratt but was offered to play Ronan the Accuser instead. However, Lee did make it to the final rounds for Peter Quill.

 12. Mads Mikkelson For Malekith

Mads already has a strong fan base for his popular show Hannibal where he plays the cold and elegant Cannibal. MCU was highly interested in bringing the actor under its wing as Malekith for Thor: The Dark World. Things were finalized until the last moment call changed everything. Mads had to ditch Marvel for his tight schedule with Hannibal, leaving the studios to look for another actor at the last moment. While they found Christopher Eccleston to fill Mads’s spot, they called Hannibal again for Doctor Strange to play Kaecilius.

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