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10 Things About The Joker That Are A Mystery in DCEU Movies

DCEU produced a lot of controversial versions of the Joker in the last few years. Joker’s visual design, portrayal, and role in the movies have received a divided response from the audience. But details related to the iteration of the character are very less. The other big-screen versions of the Joker had a better analysis of his psyche, potential origins, and overall goals. So, there are some things About The Joker That Are A Mystery in DCEU and the fans would surely love to know about them..

1. Batman and Joker’s first meeting


The first meeting of Batman and Joker has been shown on-screen as a part of the movie’s narrative. This has been shifted for the DCEU. When fans meet Bruce Wayne, he already had countless wars with the Harlequin of Hate. Their first meeting could have been before Joker was exposed to the chemicals and linking their fates to each other for all eternity.

2. Joker’s main goals

DCEU has not revealed the actual goals of Joker. Most of his appearances have been concerning Harley Quinn with whom he wished to sustain some kind of relationship. The Clown Prince of Crime moniker is also something that he holds dear. His goals might be financial instead of the ideological schemes the character is often found plotting. He might need to be a key antagonist before his goals are actually revealed.

3. What is the real name of Joker?

A few cinematic versions have actually revealed the real name of Joker. The comics have also shown him with potential identities. Recently, we became familiar with Arthur Fleck, with Jack Napier standing as a contender. This is a detail that might be saved for a film with Jared Leto in the lead. It is possible that DC wishes to continue the mystery. If the real name of Joker is revealed, it might create some type of shocking familial connection between characters.

4. How he becomes the Joker?

2016’s Suicide Squad showed that Joker became the Clown Prince of Crime because of a vat of acid and chemicals. It is the same place where he pushed Harley Quinn. This explains his appearance and psychological state. Now we all want to know how he got to that stage in life. This might not be the first Joker at all. It might be someone inspired by the original. There have been theories that it is a version of Jason Todd, driven mad by a past foe.

5. Joker’s actual status

Things About The Joker That Are A Mystery in DCEU Movies

The Snyder Cut has also not answered anything related to Joker. But in this version of the timeline, Robin was killed and Joker surely had something to do with it. Going further, he survives into the future and becomes a realist in a chaotic world. But this is not a part of DCEU’s canon narrative. Joker might have surprising cameos in the future. But in the present timeline, his status is unclear.

6. Joker after his breakup with Harley Quinn

We saw Harley Quinn breaking up with Joker in Birds of Prey. Harley starts her life over and decides to become more of an antihero. The impact of this breakup on Joker is yet to be seen. He might go to shock because of the breakup. It is possible that he tried to replace Harley immediately with another character like Punchline. He might even be thrilled to finally have things ended.

7. Total number of Jokers

The recent story of DC Comics saw three different versions of the Joker terrorizing Gotham at some stage of Batman’s career. Fans have thought that DCEU’s version of Joker might not actually be the first one in this universe. The company is now running the ‘World of DC’ branding campaign. This confirms the multiverse approach to storytelling moving forward. So for now, there is no confirmation on how many Jokers are there in the multiverse or on this original Earth.

8. Has Joker ever won?

Things About The Joker That Are A Mystery in DCEU Movies

Joker has been included in various movies, TV shows, and video games. Compared to other villains, he wins most of the time. Usually, his goals are to bring chaos or weaken the legacy of Batman that is accomplished most of the time. But it is actually unclear if he has ever won in DCEU. He is free to do anything according to his wish and might have a hand in Robin’s murder. So, it is possible that he might get victory on another occasion against the Dark Knight.

9. Clown Prince of criminal background

Just like the birth name, DCEU fans are not aware of Joker’s background in this universe. His childhood and early career as a villain are still a mystery. Since DCEU draws heavily from the comic book lore, it is possible that the character comes from a less affluent upbringing and had to adapt for survival. So, we might never get to know if it is the truth or just a twist in the Joker’s story.

10. The fate of Robin

Robin’s fate in DCEU has never been revealed. Zack Snyder has shared his personal ideas about the events that unfolded. But it is yet to be shown on screen. But there have been other theories on how Joker is involved. Joker might have killed Robin. The writing in the suit might be Joker mocking Bruce Wayne without any correlation to Robin. A very well-known theory here is a previously mentioned concept which says that Joker might be the Boy Wonder himself.

So, these were someThings About The Joker That Are A Mystery in DCEU Movies.

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