New Leaked Images Reveal Hawkeye and Echo’s Comic Accurate Costumes

Marvel is known to have a good grip on its fans. Well, it is said that history repeats itself, and that is exactly the case of Marvel’s Phase 4. After Infinity Saga, the MCU is all about passing down the legacies and introducing new superheroes. Everyone has to leave at a point in time, and someone else has to fill their place. For instance, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) passed down his legacy to Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie). It was explored in the latest Disney+ series, The Falcone and The Winter Soldier. But today, we will talk about the archer that has never missed his target. I’m talking about Hawkeye.

New Hawkeye Show Replace Jeremy Renner

It was about time that we got to see Clint Barton, Hawkeye, (Jeremy Renner) take the spotlight and be explored as an individual entity. Well, the upcoming Disney+ series, Hawkeye, does exactly that. First things first, the series has wrapped up its shooting. So, how good is this series for Clint? I would say it totally separates the idea of him from being a supporting character! Now we’ve got new images featuring Hawkeye and Echo (Alaqua Cox) in their comic-accurate costumes. Take a look:


Alaqua Cox makes her MCU debut as Maya Lopez – aka “Echo. As we can see from the picture above, she will have a costume almost too identical to the comics. The only change in the costume, of both Hawkeye and Echo, is that they have much longer sleeves than their respective comic book counterparts. The photo also indicates that Renner definitely had a hard time in the inevitable showdown with Echo. Clint is sure to have plenty of cool moments of action in the series. However, Marvel’s Phase 4 is looking to introduce the next crop of Marvel heroes.

Echo’s origin in the comics is important for the fans to know. In the comics, Maya Lopez was the daughter of Willie “Crazy Horse” Lincoln, one of the Kingpin’s minions who was killed by the crime boss. But of course, the MCU might make changes to that plot. As some information speculates that Hawkeye, taking the persona of Ronin Avengers: Endgame, will point Echo towards him and make him her target. And maybe that is why Hawkeye has taken this epic beating in the picture above. MCU’s version of Echo could be leaned in this direction. We’re excited to see her debut as she will star in her own Disney+ series after Hawkeye.

Jeremy Renner MCU

Moreover, a new post on Instagram reveals more information.  A more comic-accurate design and a new look for Jeremy Renner‘s Hawkeye are seen. Echo has some prints of her iconic white hand face paint, which may hint at it also appearing in the series. Check out the photos here.

It will be exciting to see Bishop lead the series and take on the mantle of Hawkeye. Steinfeld’s portrayal of Kate Bishop is highly anticipated by fans. The series is an adaptation of the fan-favorite comic Hawkeye from artist David Aja, writer Matt Fraction, and color artist Matt Hollingsworth. Steinfeld is donning, what many have called, her semi-accurate Kate Bishop costume, with the trademark purple color.

Previous set photos had confirmed that the TrackSuit Mafia will hit the MCU circuit with Hawkeye. Though the antagonists aren’t a household name like Thanos or Hela, the group has become a fan-favorite for their overuse of the word “bro” and their super grounded nature. Hawkeye himself dubs the group the “Tracksuit Draculas.”

The timeline might seem a little confusing to some of us. That’s because Marvel took a jump from 2018 to 2023, with Spider-Man: Far From Home skipping to 2024. Now, the Disney+ Hawkeye series finally settling in 2025.  Set in 2025, we might even get to see the real cause of Clint Barton’s hearing problem, as we have seen him wearing a hearing aid in previous set pictures depicting a vital piece of information straight from the comics. After talking about retirement, and then again in action, a series of events are sure to unfold and the backstory will be really strong. In the photo below, we see a banner in which we see the Chinese New Year 2025, on 29th January, the year of the snake. 

Hawkeye will premiere on Disney+ later this year. It Will be following other upcoming projects like LokiWhat If…?, and Ms. Marvel.

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