Wonder Woman Pays Tribute To A Legendary Superman Movie

Wonder Woman has proven herself to be against the grain by becoming the first superhero to finally be a critical and blockbuster success, a feat that had yet to be accomplished by other DC films. Audiences have been more than open to accept a female superhero and for good reason. The film has garnered positive reviews and for many has been “inspirational.” It’s not an everyday occurrence when a female superhero has transfixed the silver screen and hopefully won’t be the last.

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman

The film in turn takes inspiration from another DC superhero. Director Patty Jenkins told ScreenRant  that she had been hugely inspired by Superman:The Movie  while growing up, and that was one of the inspiration for the movie.

“I’m here because of Superman. I’m here because when I saw Superman 1 as a kid, it rocked my world, you know, and I was Superman…I was that little boy. And I took that ride and that journey… What Star Wars did for some people, Superman did for me.”

That inspiration was also a homage to the superhero in the DCEU film. Star Gal Gadot told The Screen Room:

“This is actually an homage for the Superman scene where Lois Lane has been saved by Superman but she didn’t really know that he was the one to save her. Cause he passed out. But this was a sweet, wonderful homage for the very first Superman.”

In the film, Diana Prince and Steve Trevor walk through London after leaving the island of Themyscira. The pair are followed by German operatives who corner them in an alley with guns. Steve antagonizes one of the henchmen, one bad guy tries to shoot Steve, but Diana stops the bullet with her gauntlets [bracelets].The scene was more or less the same thing from Superman: The Movie but with the roles being reversed.

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