Falcon and Winter Soldier: Isaiah Bradley’s Memorial Mentions New Details About His Heroics

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has finally concluded with its six-episode run. Marvel fans from all around the world have expressed their praise and excitement over the final episode. But they were not the only ones. Shang-Chi lead actor Simu Liu was able to connect himself with the themes of the show’s finale. Sam Wilson’s monologue towards the second half of the episode was legendary. The finale saw Sam Wilson in action as the new Captain America. He sported a new Wakandan suit for matching the star-spangled title.

“One World, One People” saw a surprising team-up between Sam, Bucky, and John Walker (Wyatt Russell). John Walker will now go on to become the U.S. Agent. The character of Isaiah Bradley (Carl Lumbly) also got a deserving conclusion in the final episode. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier found a way to dedicate a memorial to him. As seen in Episode 6 of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Sam Wilson surprised Isaiah Bradley with a museum exhibit at the Captain America memorial. His memorial statue was accompanied by a recount of his experiences.

It documented his time when he was experimented on with super-soldier serum and rescuing of his fellow soldiers during the Korean War. In fact, it actually gave us a new detail about his rescue mission.

Here’s what the Memorial reads:

“Isaiah Bradley is an American hero whose name went unknown for too long.

Isaiah was one of a dozen African-American soldiers who were recruited against their will and without their consent for participation in human testing in pursuit of the super-soldier serum. Most did not survive. The few who lived through the testing were sent on secret missions during the Korean War. During the conflict, against all odds, Bradley rescued his fellow soldiers and 26 others POWs from behind enemy lines.

However, fearful of the ramifications of a black super-soldier, some individuals within the government tried to erase Isaiah’s story from history. His family was issued a falsified death certificate, and for decades the truth of his unflinching bravery was buried.”

There was also an additional paragraph on the memorial placard but it is very difficult to make out. Isaiah Bradley was Marvel’s first “Black Captain America” in the comics. He was erased from history, penalized, and persecuted for attempting to do the right thing. Now the memorial means that he will be remembered forever as an important part of the legacy of Captain America’s legacy.

Not a lot of new details have been mentioned in the memorial text. The placard restates what Bradley had already told Sam himself. But, we get to know that along with two of Bradley’s brothers, he saved 26 other Prisoners of War. it serves to show the importance of Bradley’s story in convincing Sam to pick up the shield. We must also note Eli Bradley’s interest in the exhibit. It potentially hints towards his future in the MCU as Patriot. Bradley has a limited role in the series. But the re-contextualization of his grandfather as a hero can be an inspiration for him to take up crime-fighting. In fact, he has two role models now with Sam becoming the new Cap and his grandfather being honored for what he did. So, we should expect to see Eli Bradley among the Young Avengers of MCU.

The sixth and final episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier premiered on May 23, 2021. All the episodes are now streaming on Disney+. The series is directed by Kari Skogland. It features Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Wyatt Russell, Erin Kellyman, Danny Ramirez, Georges St-Pierre, Adepero Oduye, Emily VanCamp and Julia Louis-Dreyfus in the lead roles.

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Here is the official synopsis of Episode 6 of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier:

“Wearing a new Captain America uniform and flight suit from the Wakandans, Wilson flies to New York to stop the Flag Smashers’ attack with the help of Barnes, Carter, and Walker. Carter accidentally reveals that she is the Power Broker to Batroc and kills him while Wilson attempts to reason with Morgenthau before Carter kills her as well. Wilson convinces the GRC to postpone the forced relocation of displaced people that Morgenthau died fighting for and instead make efforts to help them.

The remaining serum-enhanced Flag Smashers are caught by Barnes and Walker and sent to the Raft, but they are killed by Zemo’s butler en route. De Fontaine gives Walker a new uniform and codename, U.S. Agent. Barnes makes amends with everyone he hurt or enabled as the Winter Soldier while Wilson has a memorial dedicated to Bradley added to the Captain America museum exhibit. In a mid-credits scene, after receiving a full pardon, Carter rejoins the CIA and intends to use this access to sell government secrets and resources.”

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