Zack Snyder’s Justice League: Top 10 Characters Ranked

Zack Snyder’s Justice League was a massive build-up, with all the hype created around the narrative. And still, for some reason the undoing of Joss Whedon’s 2017 narrative or take on the Justice League, did not stand justified. The first half of the movie just wasted its precious hours in rewriting the pre-established narrative by Joss, and then from there on building a fresh new narrative. That hardly lasted even for an hour, which was kind of a huge disappointment. Moreover, Lex’s inclusion of a secret regarding Batman did not make sense, because Slade being somewhat of the only competition to Batman in terms of speed, agility, and fighting tactics. It wouldn’t have been much longer, that Slade would not have been able to put the pieces together. But somehow it was the characters who were able to hold the narrative together and portray some awesome characters. Here is a list of the top 10 ranked characters in Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

10# Alfred Pennyworth

Played by Jeremy Irons, the character of Alfred Pennyworth feels like a breath of fresh air. With his wonderful chemistry with Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, and also with Henry Cavill. Seems to have ignited a fresh seed of hope among the fans of DC. Alfred also brings some humorous taunts to the screen, by calling Bruce ‘insufferable’ and taunting Diana Prince’s incapability of making herself the right cup of tea.

9# Silas Stone

Joe Morton’s portrayal as Silas Stone was not a very influential character in the movie. A terrible work-life balance was visible in the movie’s narrative, which kind of gave depth to the father-son relation and the origin of Cyborg. However, towards the end, Silas Stone does make the greatest sacrifice, by marking the mother box with the help of an electron laser. And showing the Justice League of Steppenwolf’s location and eventually result in saving the world.

8# Darkseid

Easily the most awaited character in all of the DCEU narratives, played by Ray Porter and implicated in the storyline by Zack Snyder. Darkseid is troubling and awesome in the film, he demands the utmost attention for all the times he makes his onscreen arrival. Although the implication of the character is limited, his ferocity and ruthlessness can be felt from the screen.

7# Aquaman

Justice League Zack Snyder

Jason Momoa’s portrayal of Arthur Curry, somewhat revolves around the trouble he has had with accepting his Atlantean lineage, probably for the reason why he was disbarred from his homeland and also what they did to his mother, which kind of seemed missing from the Snyder’s narrative. However, we do get to see a new side of Aquaman, which shows his concern towards Cyborg, when he loses his father. Providing mental support minus the over-dramatic phase.

6# Steppenwolf

Snyder’s version of the New God seemed a little bit more promising than his counterpart from Joss Whedon’s version of Steppenwolf. The Snyder cut witnesses the dedication that Steppenwolf has towards Darkseid and the fear the titular ruler of Apokolips has over his generals, for them to even retract their battle armor in the presence of Darkseid. Although the New God was defeated with ease, after some major help from the Kryptonian, Kal-El.

5# Wonder Woman

After receiving the message from the land of Themyscira, Diana jumps into action in an attempt to gather a team of meta-humans against Steppenwolf and his army. Compared to the 2017 version, Diana seemed a lot more agile, swift, and stronger in her most recent debut with Zack Snyder at the helm of the production.

4# Superman

Zack Snyder's Justice League Characters Ranked

The return of the Man of Steel to the silver screen is one of the most influential and nerve-racking experiences of the film, as he is shown going on a rampage against the entire league. However, upon his rendezvous with Lois Lane, he goes back to his ship to don the popular black suit, which allows him to soak and retain the maximum amount of solar energy and pumping up his powers to a completely new level.

3# Batman

Zack Snyder's Justice League Characters Ranked

Batman unlike his previous versions would witness him take a lot more calculated and precise decisions. Seemed a bit off in Zack’s narrative, as he was heard telling Alfred that he has faith that everything would turn out fine. Still, for someone with faith, he prepares extensively for the final battle, coupled with a flying fortress of arsenal and his most trusted batmobile.

2# The Flash

Barry Allen is seen creating some strong bonds with his Justice League team members and on two separate occasions tap into the speed force to help the squad out. Which was one of the major rules which he never breaks.

 1# Cyborg

Zack Snyder's Justice League Characters Ranked

Ray Fisher’s portrayal of Cyborg is perfect, his portrayal of Victor Stone as the high school football player is also spectacular. The ease with Ray or Victor is seen tapping into technology is amazing for someone who has not even had the chance to pass out of high school.

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