WandaVision Finale Episode’s Deleted Scene Confirms A Major Theory

We witnessed the 1st season of the MCU’s Phase 4 come to closure with WandaVision’s episode 9. The thriller television series started in a sitcom setup with Wanda and Vision seem to be living like the events of Infinity War never happened. Both Wand & Vision were seen sharing a lovely abode in Westview county as a happily married couple, which caught several fans off guard as we are all aware of what entailed in the aftermath of infinity war. The season progressed with slowly unfolding the secrets behind what the viewers were witnessing on screen and what the actual reality was. The viewers were also welcomed to the fact that there might be a third entity who might have been colluding with the Hex from within to gain indirect access to Wanda’s power.

For readers who have not watched the WandaVision series, a gentle reminder for major *spoiler alerts*.

Outside the Hex there was another evil force at work who was trying to get Wanda’s magic to revive the corpse of a so-called synthezoid. We are introduced to Director Tyler Hayward who is the head of Sentient World Observation and Research Department (S.W.O.R.D), he indicts Monica Rambeau back into the organization while trying to keep her away from the astronaut program for which S.W.O.R.D was created. Monica Rambeau is the daughter of Maria Rambeau, who headed the research division and the entire S.W.O.R.D operations until the blip caused half of the universe’s population to cease from existence.

It was 3 years later from the day of the blip that Maria Rambeau succumbed to cancer and once Monica Rambeau was back, Hayward Tyler had already seized the opportunity to take over the entire operations of S.W.O.R.D.

WandaVision Season Finale Deleted Scene
WandaVision Season Finale Deleted Scene

Hayward Tyler, not only took charge of the Sentient World Observation and Research Department S.W.O.R.D operations, but he also changed the department’s prerogative to artificial intelligence and sentient development. This is visible from the fact that he hid the information of still possessing Vision’s original corpse and salvaging that information to show the investigating team about Wanda being the bad guy. Tyler Hayward is even seeing sending a drone within the Hex to take down Wanda but gets his hinny handed over to him on a silver platter by Wanda herself. Eventually, he gets hold of Wanda’s power which was still prevalent within the drone that she destroyed, which was eventually used by the Director to resuscitate the corpse of Vision. The audience is given a preview in the post-credit scenes of episode 8.

The biggest reveal however came towards the end of episode 7, where Agnes revealed herself to be Agatha Harkness. The later series witnessed Agatha cast a spell on Wanda and take her down memory lane, to understand how Wanda was able to manifest such massive amounts of magic by herself. The revelation led to the major plot of the series which witnessed Agatha trying to steal Wanda’s magic in exchange for letting her keep her little manifested world to herself.

An all-out battle erupts between Wanda and Agatha in the airspace of Westview County, which witnesses Wanda losing to Agatha although she had massive amounts of energy. She lacked technique, but a short boot camp of magic from Agatha helped Wanda turn tables against the experienced witch and reclaim all her powers. But, there is one deleted scene from the final episode of WandaVision which may have implicated a whole different narrative altogether.

WandaVision Season Finale Deleted Scene
WandaVision Season Finale Deleted Scene

A recent reveal by director Matt Shakman clarified that they had to work or rather delete a scene from the finale of WandaVision, as it collided with the final plot of Wanda vs Agatha and Vision vs White Vision. Matt clarified that the scene entailed the twins, Monica, Darcy and Ralph break into Agatha’s basement to steal the book called ‘Darkhold’ and that is when senor scratchy comes to play. Initially, it seems that the cuddly being just wants someone to hold him in his arms, but that is not until the rabbit starts metamorphosizing and transforms into a full-sized demon. The impromptu team is seen battling the demon to possess the book but is unable to lay a finger on it, courtesy of senor scratchy. He later reveals himself to be Agatha’s similar, who although was never revealed by Shakman in the interview.

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