WandaVision: 10 Questions Which Lead To Conclusion

Marvel last’s story came out in July 2019 and since then it had been 18 months since we had not seen any MCU productions, so the start of 2021 brought some awesome news for all the marvel fans across the globe. With the release of the WandaVision television series, the fans all were ecstatic about its release as it has set the post Avengers: Endgame events in motion. WandaVision series created a major escalation in phase 4 of the MCU storyline and most probably might set a platform for the events that may take place in the foreseeable future. The release of the WandaVision arc was a much-awaited event by several marvel fans and it came with the hope for better days to come. Although, several questions have given rise to several queries about how will the final episode of the WandaVision arc conclude and what will it mean for the rest of the characters which have resurfaced in the WandaVision storyline.

**Spoiler alert** for all those fans who have not watched the latest WandaVision episode.

What Will Happen To Evan Peters’ Version Of Pietro?

In the entire episode of the latest WandaVision, we never saw any mention of ‘Pietro’ played by Evan Peters. We saw a vague appearance by Pietro at the end of episode 7, but nothing was discussed about him in the latest episode.

Will Monica Rambeau Be Able To Convince Wanda?

In episode 7 we witnessed Monica Rambeau make a breakthrough and was able to convince Wanda to take down Hex until Agnes intertwined and took Wanda away. In the latest episode, we were not shown anything about the Rambeau lineage.

How Powerful Is Agatha?

In episode 7 we are shown Monica open a door to the basement with vines on walls that glowed purple, later in Episode 8, Agnes reveals herself s Agatha Harkness and we are shown the basement of her house which seems to protected from spells and also seems to be the power source for Agatha’s power. In episode 8 we are shown Agatha go up against her entire coven including her mother, who was the leader of the coven, and suck out the life from every member including her mother. But, she seems to have invaded the Hex as she was fascinated by the wielder of such a dome and wanted to check it out herself. As to the question about her strength, Agatha is one of the oldest and the most experienced dark magic user in the Marvel Universe.

Will Agatha Harkness Survive Till The End?

WandaVision Questions Lead To Conclusion
WandaVision Questions Lead To Conclusion

Agatha Harkness’s age according to Marvel seems to exceed even the most formidable Sorcerer Supreme, which makes it clear that she has been around for a long time and is quite capable of surviving the harshest of enemies. Her interest in being able to wield stronger magic is what keeps her going and her affinity to be able to use other’s magic as the source of power for her magic seems to put her in a different league altogether.

What’s With The Rabbit?

Senor Scratchy aka the rabbit seems to be someone of utmost importance, in episode 8, we saw Agatha made a vague mention about Wanda not being able to figure out who they were not who she was but who they were. This kind of lays claims to the fact that maybe Agatha has trans mutated an actual person into the body of a rabbit.

How Was Director Tyler Hayward Able To Lie About Vision’s Body?

Director Tyler Hayward from the beginning of the episode had seemed fishy to many fans like it’s not that Nick Fury hasn’t done that in the past. It is just that as the story progressed, we understood what Director Tyler’s real intentions were and maybe, it was Nick Fury who was behind the actions of Tyler Hayward.

What Will The White Vision Bring To The Story?

WandaVision Questions Lead To Conclusion
WandaVision Questions Lead To Conclusion

The appearance of White Vision in the story may showcase the arrival of White Vision from the comics who is white because of the absence of any feelings or emotions in his current being or rather in his resurrected persona.

How Will Wanda Maximoff Evolve Or Power Up To The ‘Scarlet Witch’?

Episode 9 of the Wanda Vision arc could set up the platform for multiple events that could lead to several possibilities. But one thing is for certain, Wanda and her powers will evolve to the next level due to a major traumatic event that will trigger this evolution.

Will The Fans Witness The Arrival Of Mephisto?

Who Is Trying To Steal Wanda’s Powers?

Maybe or maybe not, because in the Marvel comics Agatha Harkness’s son’s name is Nicholas Scratch which kind of co-relates a lot with Senor Scratchy.

How Will The WandaVision Narrative Conclude?

WandaVision Questions Lead To Conclusion
WandaVision Questions Lead To Conclusion

Wanda Vision episode 9 is speculated to set up the events for Doctor Strange’s: Multiverse of Madness and may the implication of several characters from the Marvel universe like Spectrum, Agatha Harkness, etc.

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