Theory: Wanda’s Link With The Mind Stone Sets Up Doctor Strange 2

The latest episode of the WandaVision arc seems to have ignited a special narrative in the WandaVision storyline and seems to be heading towards setting up a platform for the upcoming Doctor Strange 2. In the latest episode, the audiences are taken back into the history of the traumatic incidents which Wanda had faced while growing up and how those incidents have affected Wanda as a person and maybe also held responsible for breaking such a kind-spirited girl to transform into the initial form of the ‘Scarlet Witch’. One of Wanda’s particular events showed how the powers of chaos magic were imbued in her and could become the initial wearer or the embodiment of the source in the discussion.

**Spoiler alert** for all those fans who have not watched the latest WandaVision episode.

In the episode, we see that Wanda walks into the room and is being ordered by the German scientist to touch the stone, now all the previous subject according to the scientist have not survived this test and have died and one of them even questions the one in charge, if they needed to do it. As Wanda walks in the vicinity of the Mind Stone, the stone activates on its own, shedding the outer shell of blue glowing crystal to reveal its true form. Wanda witnesses a figure resembling the Scarlet Witch figure with a bright ray of light shining behind the figurine making it impossible to see the face and eventually collapsing to the ground due to exhaustion. However, the two scientists who were trying to record the whole thing could only see Wanda walk into the room and the next view is of her collapsing to the ground.

Wanda’s Mind Stone Sets Up Doctor Strange 2

Now there may be several speculations that may implicate or question as to why the stone was activated when she walked into the room and why it chose Wanda out of all the applicants who had volunteered for the program. The only conclusion that can be drawn about the so-called event is that the mind stone has a persona or personality of its own and it got activated when Wanda stepped inside the room and the Stone saw goodness and kindness Wanda had in her heart and also possibly the latent power that the persona within the mind stone felt that Wanda had, was most probably the reason the mind stone had such an adverse effect on Wanda.

Wanda has been termed as the ‘Scarlet Witch’ by Agatha Harkness, which is probably a rare breed of witches that can manifest the powers of Chaos magic. Ancient witch-like Agatha Harkness was not even aware that such a powerful being could ever exist on earth. But, Wanda’s apparent confrontation with the mind stone imbued her with a power that is far more ancient than the universe itself. While making her the strongest sorcerer capable of wielding powers beyond imagination and control. The mind stone is said to imbue power in Wanda which allowed her to alter the reality as per her liking and may become inadvertently become responsible for altering the timeline to a great deal. Wanda’s magic also goes against the laws of thermodynamics, which states that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. As Wanda recreates reality at will and manifests any sort of energy to do her bidding.

Wanda’s Mind Stone Sets Up Doctor Strange 2
Wanda’s Mind Stone Sets Up Doctor Strange 2

A face-off between Doctor Strange and Wanda kind off seems inevitable, on one hand, we have the Sorcerer Supreme whose responsibility is to protect the earth from any mystical and magical threats that may arise, and on the other hand, we have a young girl who has lost everything that she loved and is being forced to manifests the people she cared for, into existence to stop her from losing control of her powers. Wanda’s magic is based on Chaos and Doctor Strange’s magic is drawn from the different dimensions. Wanda’s control over the current reality and the alternate reality that she has created is not absolute, whereas Doctor Strange’s control over the current timeline and the multiple multiverses is absolute.

Infinity Stones Return in WandaVision

WandaVision’s interaction with the mind stone may finally trigger an event that might see the return of the infinity stones. Because if you remember the Ancient One claimed that ‘they manage the flow of time itself and because the present reality is still in existence. The probability of the infinity stones still being present in the universe stands accurate and may just have transformed into a not so evident version like their former versions.

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