Matrix 4 Theory: Morpheus Will Return As The Villain

Since 2017, it has been 4 years that the next sequel to the Matrix franchise was announced, and then it has kept movie enthusiasts on their toes. The last sequel called the Matrix Revolutions, witnessed Neo and Trinity making their final trip to the world of the sentient machines, to help the machines fight the virus threatening their existence call ‘Agent Smith’. The battle witnessed Neo entering the Matrix for a showdown with the virus. Post an eventful and gruesome fight, Neo can defeat the virus. Also supposedly lose his life in the process. Before this, Trinity was already impaled by metal bars on reaching the machine city. With the supposed release of Matrix 4, fans have already started deciphering the plot for the upcoming narrative of the 4th installment of the Matrix franchise.

The most recent theory deduces Morpheus making a comeback to the narrative. But this time instead of the mentor he would return as the villain. Laurence Fishburne, who plays the role of Morpheus, may not be the one reprising the role, but the apparent return of the character has been foreseen and foretold by many fans. Back in 2017 when the movie was still in talks, there was an idea which was initiated which would witness Morpheus return as his young self, or the audience taken back to the origin story of Morpheus. Meeting Morpheus in his origin story would solve several of the plot holes which were existing in the previous 3 Matrix movies.

The upcoming narrative of the Matrix cannot follow the same Machine VS Human. As though Neo’s actions humanity has proved itself to be a worthy adversary of the machines. Even it helps the machines take care of the bugs which seemed to threaten the world of Matrix. So in the latest one, the bad guy for the movie has to be a human villain. Maybe a bunch of humans wishes to take the blue pill, to be induced back into the Matrix. Or the leader of the city of Zion decides to attack the city of machines. In an attempt to overtake their advanced tech and surrender the idea for a mutual co-existence with the machines. Rendering all of Neo’s hard work down the drain and starting the battle all over again.

Another fascinating theory is based around The Matrix’s etymology. Morpheus is the boss of the Nebuchadnezzar ship, and his mission is to liberate the people of Zion. In real-world history, however, Nebuchadnezzar was a Babylonian king who conquered a city in Jerusalem, called Zion. And enslaved its populace, the stark contradictory version of Morpheus in The Matrix. According to Greek mythology, Morpheus is the God of Dreams (like the guardian Sandman). Suggesting his true intention would be to lead humanity into another layer of digital simulation, rather than freedom in the real world.

However, there’s nothing in Morpheus’ on-screen words or actions to necessarily support this theory, but names aren’t assigned without meaning in The Matrix. And there’s an indisputable link between what Morpheus does, and the villainy his name (and the name of his ship) sum up to. Even if Morpheus isn’t a bad guy in the original Matrix trilogy, the historical implications mock a potential future turn towards the dark side.

There seems to be a completely different take on the upcoming 4th sequel of the Matrix franchise. And a rematch between Neo and a powered-up Morpheus sounds like a promising plot for the upcoming Matrix 4 movie. The plot may revolve around the fact that whether Morpheus, who once gave the people the option to be liberated from the Matrix. May now return as the villain who now is offering a completely different take on the plot, by offering people a way back into the Matrix, causing a very different furor in the upcoming narrative and possibly a new future trilogy in the Matrix narrative.

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The Morpheus that we knew from the previous narrative, may challenge the very notion of freedom and choice in the upcoming movie. Only if he is the new villain of the upcoming matrix narrative. In addition to this, we may also be going to see some new faces in the movie like Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Jessica Henwick, Yahya Abdul Mateen, Neil Patrick Harris, and Jonathan Groff.

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