10 Justice League Mistakes That Snyder-Cut Must Avoid

The upcoming movie Justice League directed by Zack Snyder has got the entire DC fandom in a scuffle for the tickets for the first show of Justice League Synder’s cut in the theaters. Although a lot is being expected from the upcoming Justice League Snyder’s cut, we would still like to discuss some of the silly mistakes that the DCEU may have skipped in the previous sequel of the film. The upcoming Snydercut may have the plot and the narrative to change these with a retconned application in some cases. Just one dialogue in any other case scenarios. Here is the list of mistakes that the Snyder cut can cover or rather just not repeat them in their movie.

Do Parademons smell fear?

In the Justice League towards the end, Parademons are either aware of the script or just are not doing their job properly. At the end of the movie, we witness Wonder Woman breaking off the Steppenwolf axe after Clark freezes the blade solid. During this particular incident, the Parademons suddenly start smelling fear being emanated from Steppenwolf and attack him. But, in the rest of the movie, were Parademons never able to smell fear from anyone else on planet earth.

Aquaman does not know any Piranha’s

Aquaman in a certain scene was pouring his heart out that how he feels about the entire situation. As he ends up sitting on top of the Lasso of Truth. After he realizes what had happened, he gets up and turns towards Barry Allen. He then threatens Barry, that if anyone would even get a whiff of whatever happened then he will make sure Barry personally meets every piranha he has ever met. It’s funny coming from a guy who is a ruler of the ocean and must not have ever seen a freshwater body in his life, where piranhas live.

Hippolyta’s Magical Cape

Hippolyta escorted to the temple where a mother box was kept, after reaching where the box was. It starts to emit noise increasing in frequency. Post that Steppenwolf arrives and a battle erupts. In the two scenes after these events, it was witnessed twice by the fans that Hippolyta’s cape was being dragged behind her for the starting part of the action sequence. And at the end of the scene, it magically appeared right.

Jim Gordon’s disappearing book

In a distinct scene, Jim Gordon is seen walking in the precinct, with a book in his hand. The conversation that has ensued between Gordon and a fellow officer who is walking alongside Gordon, is about an entity that looked like a bat with vampire-like teeth. It is then that another officer walks in with a file on Parademons and suddenly Gordon is not holding the book that he was holding earlier. So, did he just fling the book in the garbage to get his hands free and clear for an officer below his rank to hand him over the file, sounds kind of funny doesn’t it?

Wonder Woman’s Shield

During the battle with Steppenwolf in the drainage system under Gotham Harbour, in a particular scene, Diana loses her shield. Post that event there are several sequences where her shield is not in her hand. But out of the blue when Steppenwolf blows up the walls of the canal. Then Gotham Harbour water starts flushing inside the drainage system, the shield magically appears back in Diana’s hand. How? Seems like she can summon her shield on command?

Destroying 4 city blocks

In the starting scene of the Justice League, we were shown that Diana walks in on a bunch of robbers trying to loot a bank. It is at this very moment that she uses her Lasso of Hestia to force a robber to reveal the group’s plan to her. Where the robber reveals that there are not there to loot the bank, but rather blow it up in smokes. He expresses his intent by telling Diana, about the timing and how the leader plans to blow up four blocks of the residential area. But here is the weird part, the word block is US slang for the distance between crossroads. People from the UK do not use this term as the city is laid out differently in England. So was a local criminal who may have fled the US, trying to establish his base on operations in the UK while attempting a suicide mission?

Superman’s indestructible pants

In the Justice League we witness Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Batman & Cyborg concoct a plan to resuscitate Superman back to life. Jason submerges Clark’s entire body in the pool, where he is seen wearing a complete set of clothes. A few moments later, Clark was standing in front of his broken statue and trying to recollect his memories from his past life. But here is the weird part, everything except his trousers seems to be have been obliterated from his body. The question is how conveniently according to the script or according to his likeness his pants survived the surge of power and the massive explosion that followed.

9 criminals enter the bank and 5 disappear

During the bank robbery scene, we witness a minimum of 7-8 men walk inside the bank. But later in the scene, we were shown that once Diana makes her entry into the bank after she gets to know the plan. There are more than 7 terrorists holding guns pointed at the hostages but during the battle with the assailants Diana battles with only 3 assailants. Before throwing away the bomb to a safe distance up in the sky. Where did the rest of them disappear or did they really sh*t their pants?

Barry Allen is 7 years old

In another scene, Barry Allen tries to enter a military facility that has been built around the facility where the spaceship of Colonel Zod had been brought. The scene revolves around Barry handing an ID to the soldier at the entrance to be scanned, it is then that Cyborg creates a fake database around the ID and it shows up on the screen at the right time. The ID shows Barry Allen’s date of birth to be 11th November 2010. Which following the release date of the movie makes him just 7 years old. Was there a pun intended by Cyborg or was it just a silly mistake?

Aquaman’s Tattoo

In every sequence where Aquaman, makes an appearance without his shirt. The tattoos on his body seem to change, even though not drastically. But there is always a slight change in the pattern of the art. Now as far as I remember tattoos once engraved on someone’s skin do not change their position, even if you are meta-human with superhuman strength and can converse with aquatic life.

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