WandaVision: Fans Spot A Major X-Men Reference

Episode 7 of the WandaVision arc has dropped some hints on the possible appearance of the mutants in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The new episode revolves around the aftermath of the events that unfolded in episode 6. The episode starts with Wanda waking up in her bed exhausted, with probably the kind of power drain that she had to go through in the previous episode when she decided to expand the area of the Hex.

WandaVision + Episode 7
WandaVision X-Men Reference

We are then transported to the scene where she is seen bringing down the 4th wall and directly talking into the camera, something similar to the Modern Family or The Office while exclaiming what she did and why she did by saying and that she did it intentionally. She also claimed that she was not the only one on the Hex when she says “Expanding the borders of the false world, we created”. Well, a lot of hints there.

In the next scene, we witness Billy and Tommy running to their mother, to tell her about the glitching that has been going on inside the Hex. The next scene cuts right to the point of the mutants making their entrance into the Marvel Cinematic Universe when Billy says that his head is dizzy because he can hear a lot of noises. Which is the mutant ability of Billy, that allows him to be super aware of his surroundings.

WandaVision X-Men Reference
WandaVision X-Men Reference

In the following scene, Wanda walks down the stairs to have her morning breakfast and that is when she sees the stuff in the kitchen glitching. While Wanda prepares her morning meal, the twins start a squabble over the remote control, with Billy passing on a comment to Tommy exclaiming that he always gets everything first. This is a comment on Tommy’s power as his X-Gene ability allows him to run faster than the speed of sound, thus making the second reference to the human qualified to be called mutants due to the possession of the X-Gene.

Fast forward to the end of episode 7 Agnes reveals herself as ‘Agatha Harkness’ and Wanda’s kids seem to be missing probably because Agnes has abducted them. Because they are the ones she came for. Several plots further deepen the mystery of the arrival of mutants, but we would not like to spoil all the fun.

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