10 WandaVision Fan Theories That Are Crazy Enough To Be True

WandaVision arc seems to be a promising revelation of several mysteries, with Wanda aka Scarlet Witch shown evolving into her antagonist role as shown in the Marvel comics. The WandaVision arc is depicted beautifully explaining what Wanda did and why she did it and how she is forced to go to extreme measures to avoid certain things from happening. WandaVision’s story may also actually show how the WandaVision arc may jump off to various distinct theories which eventually showcases the mysteries being hidden by many characters in the story. Several fan theories have resurfaced since the airing of the show and looking at how things are progressing might just air in the upcoming WandaVision episodes.

Wanda’s Evolution in the Endgame

Fans have come up with a theory, that the same Wanda who was unable to take care of Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight in the Infinity War, may have gone through a metamorphic stage after being snapped back into existence and in the Endgame can take Down Thanos who is much more powerful than all of Thanos’s children put together.

Wanda is manipulating Vision’s likings

WandaVision Crazy Fan Theories
WandaVision Crazy Fan Theories

In the Civil War, we see Wanda sending Vision to kingdom Hell when Clint comes to take Wanda away. Just before the attack, the mind stone on vision’s forehead changes its color to a bright red which indicates the link that Vision and Wanda share and the extent to which Wanda understands what vision feels, due to her history with the mind stone which she is currently unaware of. Wanda is not exactly manipulating Vision rather understands what he truly desires or at least we think she knows what he truly desires.

Commercial ads in WandaVision represent traumatic events

The commercial ads that randomly pop up in the WandaVision arc may represent the traumas that Wanda endured throughout her life. The toaster is a representation of the time her parents were killed by weapons of mass destruction made by the Stark industries when Howard Stark was in command. The Hydra soap showcases the involvement of Hydra in the lives of Wanda and Pietro Maximoff. The watch named Strucker indicates the experiments that Strucker performed on the twins as part of the Hydra operation.

Wanda was already a mutant

Doctor Strange 2 The House of M

Fans have come up with the theory which indicates that Wanda was already a mutant and the experiments performed by Strucker on Wanda only awakened the dormant X-gene in her and her brother and added as a catalyst to awaken a much stronger version of both Maximoff’s latent mutant powers, especially with no prior training in magic it had to be a natural dormant talent than a gift embedded by the mind stone.

Ultron’s fondness for Wanda

WandaVision Crazy Fan Theories
WandaVision Crazy Fan Theories

In the Age of Ultron chapter, we see Ultron warning Wanda to leave Sokovia, otherwise, she might die. This may explain a lot of the connection that Vision and Wanda forged with two extremely important and vital elements being used to create Vision that was somehow related to Wanda. First was the consciousness of Vision which was similar to that of Ultron and the mind stone with which Wanda was experimented upon. Both these connections create a possible base of a strong link between Vision and Wanda. Eventually, Wanda gets back at Ultron for killing her brother by ripping his heart out of his chest exclaiming to Ultron how she felt when he killed her brother.

WandaVision is House of M in reverse

With Marvel buying Fox productions maybe they are just trying to set up a platform where they can introduce the mutants into the Marvel platform and who better to do this than the all-powerful Scarlet Witch saying the magical words everyone has been waiting to hear “No! More Mutants”.

WandaVision’s sitcom setup

The reason the WandaVision arc is set up in the 50s is because of Jarvis, yes Jarvis is the AI that is a part of Vison’s conscience. Jarvis was the AI manifestation of the Stark family and only butler. So, Vision’s beginning of a new life is connected to the new birth, the year the Human Jarvis may have been born.

Wanda creates her fantasy world

With the looks of it WandaVision and Doctor Strange 2 seems to be following each other’s lead to the events that may unfold the WandaVision arc to the House of M. No matter the case, it seems that Wanda is right now at the precipice of an edge where she takes to crafting a reality suitable to her liking. Wanda has manifested a reality that keeps her away from all the bad memories right from losing her brother to losing Vision the only two important people in her life.

Wanda will merge multiverse

Rumor Suggests That Thor Will Appear

Wanda might end up merging the multiverse where Vision is still alive, she never crosses paths with Dr. Strange and Avengers still defeat Thanos and maybe Stark also stays alive. The reason she would want to avoid Doctor Strange because the Doctor has the power to undo her every magic as he himself in the profound ways of Mystical arts and probably is the only person on the planet capable enough to stop Wanda.

WandaVision ending

WandaVision Crazy Fan Theories
WandaVision Crazy Fan Theories

The WandaVision arc may end with Wanda trying to protect her children who have discovered their powers and to keep up her façade forces a speedup evolution in the human race by simply uttering 3 magical words “No! More Mutants” and forces all the dormant X-gene to activate at the same time all over the world.

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