10 Easter Eggs You Missed In TV Shows That Were Hidden In Plain Sight

We are always looking for Easter eggs in the movie franchise to base our theories on them. But have you ever noticed these elements in TV shows? Some viewers enjoy a show and forget about it by night. But real fans watch them over and over again and end up discovering shocking details that were always hiding there. These details were cleverly snuck in the series only for the genius or eagle-eyed fans to notice. We bet that some of them will blow your minds away. They were always lying in plain sight but you never saw them. Here are the 10 Easter eggs in Famous TV Shows that you missed.

House of Cards

Francis Underwood was a deceiving criminal and megalomaniac who was capable of murdering someone in cold hands. His plans to throw Zoe Barnes off the train were always on the cards. To begin with, Zoe described that her job on the “metropolitan” was “killing her”. Furthermore, Francis always said that he didn’t use people unless he could “throw them away afterwards”. Nobody knew how literally he meant that.

How I Met Your Mother

Even a light-hearted show with confused characters like “How I Met Your Mother” deserves to be appreciated for one brilliant detail. In the sixth episode when Marshall’s father died, there was a count-down till his death. It started with 50 on a brochure, went on to 49, followed by 48 and all the other numbers in descending order on random props such as newspaper, bottle, clock, can, magazine etc.  As it reached to the final number “01” on a taxi, the countdown ended on “expired” that appeared on a parking meter.

Game of Thrones

Petyr Baelish was one of the most deceiving and lying jackasses on “Game Of Thrones”. We can’t tell how many times Little Finger lied throughout his life. But there was one time we can guarantee that he was truthful. He forewarned the deaths of major characters on the show as he said “People die at their dinner tables, they die in their beds, they die squatting over their chamber pots.” That is exactly what happened with Joffrey Baratheon, Shae, and Tywin Lannister, respectively.


“Community” was a sitcom which played with “Beetlejuice” excellently for the brilliant movie and series fanatics to notice. Each character randomly uttered the word “Beetlejuice” once in the first three seasons.  But the third time someone said it, Beetlejuice actually appeared. It was a nod to the movie “Beetlejuice” where the titular character showed up after someone repeated his name thrice.

Mad Men

One of the most dreadful scenes in the cynically hit show, Mad Men was in Season 05 when Pryce hanged himself in the office. This calamity was foreshadowed in Season 03 when Pryce said “I feel like I just went to my own funeral. I didn’t like the eulogy.” Lane’s joke about his job in Season 05 “I’ll be here for the rest of my life” suddenly meant something else after his suicide. Even Don Draper’s notepad had a sketch of a noose.


Friends is one of the most popular and beloved sitcoms among a majority of people. No matter how old or silly it gets, some of us will forever be emotionally attached to it. However, out of the many doubts that viewers had, the most recurrent question was how the group managed to get the couch always. Sometimes they got lucky but most of the times they would reserve the table in advance. You could often spot the “Reserved” sign on the table.

Walking Dead

Walking Dead smartly hinted at the cannibalism of the community in Terminus in one of the early scenes. When Michonne was exploring someone’s house, she came across a painting dripping in blood. The woman in the portrait resembled Mary who had brightly welcomed the group to Terminus.


Inara’s sickness was perceived in shock and as a twist but it was foreshadowed in the very beginning. In the first episode when the crew came across the Reavers, Inara went to her cabin and pick up a box with a syringe in it. The actress revealed that the syringe contained Inara’s medicine.

Arrested Development

Buster losing his hand in the second season of Arrested Development shouldn’t have come as a shock to you, provided you were attentive throughout the show. It was foreshadowed several times on it. Starting from Buster referring to a party as “off the hook”, and him saying “Wow, I never thought I’d miss a hand so much” after looking at a chair. Furthermore, when Gob released a seal and said it was not to be hand-fed anymore and when Buster sat in front of an army board that ended up reading as “arm off” were clear hints.


Easter Eggs You Missed In TV Shows

The 4th episode of season 04 in “X-Files” showed Scully waking up to find herself in the captivity of a maniac who kidnapped women and performed surgeries in their brain. After abducting her, he told Scully that she got “howlers” in her brain that he had to remove. While referring to the “howlers” he was pointing at the exact spot where Skully later ended up growing a tumor.

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