15 Most Powerful Kages in Naruto – Ranked From Weakest to Strongest

In the Naruto universe, Ninjas use their body’s innate energy source called Chakra to harness and manipulate the forces of nature. Each Ninja in the Naruto universe belongs to a specific Ninja Village. There are five major Ninja Villages, with each village associated with an element of wind, water, earth, Fire, and lightning respectively. While there are other smaller ninja villages, these five from the crux of the ninja community and are the centers of power in the whole world of Naruto. Leading each Ninja Village is its respective leaders called a Kage, who is the strongest Ninja of his generation hailing from that Village. But here’s the question – which Kage is the strongest? Who fares better than the rest? Presenting – 15 Most Powerful Kages in Naruto – Ranked from Weakest to Strongest!!

(P.S: We are not including Naruto on this list because he only became the Hokage in Boruto)

 15. Mei Terumi – Fifth Mizukage

Most Powerful Kages in Naruto

The weakest Kage on this list is Mei Terumi, the fifth Water Shadow. Mei Terumi took over the reins of the Hidden Mist Village after the Bloody Civil War had already taken a toll on her people. The Ninja Village was in ruins and its power was waning. Mei was an effective leader in handing power to the administration and restoring authority. Her ninja abilities included not just one but two separate Kekkei Genkai called Acid Release and Lava Release respectively.

 14. Hanzo – First Amekage

Most Powerful Kages in Naruto

Hanzo belongs to a tiny little known Ninja Village called Amegakura, meaning the village hidden in rain. The village is mainly used as the battlegrounds whenever the major Ninja Villages decide to duke it out in a Shinobi World War. As a result, Amegakure had to develop excellent defenses to keep enemies from attacking them. Its ninjas are very proficient in assassination and Hanzo was the best of the lot. His skills in using poisoned based weaponry were unrivaled in the Ninja World. His prowess could be measured from the fact that he defeated the three Sannins – Tsunade, Orochimaru, and Jiraiya in the Second Shinobi World War, all by himself.

 13. Tsunade – Fifth Hokage

Most Powerful Kages in Naruto

Tsunade is one of the three legendary Sannin or Sages of Konoha. All her life, she trained as a medical Ninja. Her sole purpose to study medicine was to help the wounded and save innocent lives in battle. Although she did end up saving several, she also ended up using her advanced knowledge of chakra manipulation to create several other deadly techniques. Her signature fighting technique – Chakra Enhanced Strength gives her monstrous levels of strength and she has gifted herself with an extremely fast healing factor, courtesy of her medical knowledge.

 12. Gaara – Fifth Kazekage

Most Powerful Kages in Naruto

Gaara started out as a villain. He has only grown in character and strength ever since. Now the fifth Mizukage, Gaara is a Jinchuriki and thus has access to infinite amounts of Chakra. Gaara’s signature ability is his sand manipulation. He does not need to perform hand seals since his sand responds to his mental commands. His sand does not just provide him with an absolute defense technique but also gives him extremely effective offensive abilities in battle.

 11. A – Fourth Raikage

Most Powerful Kages in Naruto

The Fourth Raikage, A, is one of the strongest Ninjas of his generation. His mastery of lightning release techniques aside, A uses a special form of taijutsu in combat. When A channels his lightning release chakra through his body, it amplifies his already impressive physical attributes by a factor of hundred. A become so fast that even Madara Uchiha has trouble following his movements. A also has an extreme tolerance for pain, a trait he showed when he chopped off his own hand without even flinching.

 10. Onoki – Third Tsuchikage

Most Powerful Kages in Naruto

Onoki might look like an old guy that is pretty much useless. But you know what they say – appearances can be deceiving. Onoki is the wielder of the rare Kekkei Tota called Dust Release. Dust Release is a combination of earth, wind and fire release techniques. It allows Onoki to create three-dimensional objects made of pure chakra particles. These objects thus formed are not only graceful to look at but also deadly. Anything that passes through these objects is disintegrated on an atomic level.  The only way to fight a Dust release user is by pitting him against another Dust release user.

 9. Kakashi Hatake – Sixth Hokage

Most Powerful Kages in Naruto

Kakashi Hatake made a name for himself as the Copy Ninja. He used the Sharingan in his left eye, a parting gift from one of his friends to become a legendary ninja. Kakashi does not have enormous chakra reserves typical to a Kage. But he has a very clever mind. He believes in the concept of mind over matter. Using his intellect and cunning in a battle, Kakashi is a deadly enemy to face in battle. He was considered so big a threat that Pain, one of the strongest Shinobis to ever exist, wanted him dead because he was considered a threat to his plans.

 8. Hiruzen Sarutobi – Third Hokage

Most Powerful Kages in Naruto

During his prime, Hiruzen Sarutobi of the Sarutobi clan came to be known as the Professor. Hiruzen learned from the best – Tobirama and Hashirama Senju, some of the most powerful ninjas to be ever born. Hiruzen was known to use a fusion style ninjutsu. He could combine different nature release techniques to achieve fantastic results in battle. He could have fared higher on this list had it not been for his advanced age.

 7. Gengetsu – Second Mizukage

Most Powerful Kages in Naruto

Gengetsu was a playful fellow. He liked to joke around and had trouble taking things seriously. The only thing he did take seriously every time was his hostility towards Mu, the Second Tsuchikage. Gengetsu used a huge clam that he summoned as his weapon of war in battle. The Clam helped him cast illusions over a large area. His most deadly ability was using a form of water-based oil that allowed him to create a water clone that could explode indefinitely on command.

 6. Mu – Second Tsuchikage

Most Powerful Kages in Naruto

Mu was a master of hiding his presence. So much so that nothing, not even the Sharingan or the Byakugan, could detect him. He was also a proficient assassin and a world-class swordsman. He was the one who taught Onoki, the third Tsuchikage, Dust Release techniques. He was also one of the greatest sensory level Ninjas ever. He only met his match in Gengetsu, the second Mizukage. His playful nature was the polar opposite of Mu’s calm demeanor. Both died fighting each other in battle.

 5. Tobirama Senju – Second Hokage

Most Powerful Kages in Naruto

Tobirama Senju was chosen over Madara Uchiha to be the next Hokage. While politics was involved in his selection do not let that fool you when it comes to his powers. Tobirama Senju was the greatest water style user to be ever born. He could summon water out of nowhere, an ability only possessed by the greatest water style users. He also invented several other powerful jutsus like the Impure World Reincarnation technique and the Flying Thundergod technique.

 4. A – Third Raikage

Most Powerful Kages in Naruto

The Third Raikage and A’s father, A was a man of many talents. Most of all, he was known to be incredibly powerful both in terms of physical prowess and Chakra levels. A is the only Ninja to ever exist that went head to head with a tailed beast and single-handedly defeated it. A’s skin was said to be so impenetrably tough that it could be pierced only by his own hand. He also wielded a unique Black colored lightning in combat.

 3. Pain – Second Amekage

Most Powerful Kages in Naruto

Wielder of the Rinnegan, an ability possessed by the Sage of the Six Paths, who is literally seen as the god of all Ninjas, Pain’s real name is Nagato. Nagato is a descendant of the Sage of the Six Paths and somehow managed to unlock his Rinnegan. After being trained by Jiraiya as a Ninja and backstabbed by Hanzo, he became the second Amekage by killing Hanzo and taking his place. He is the wielder of the deadly Six Paths of Pain technique.

 2. Minato Namikaze – Fourth Hokage

Most Powerful Kages in Naruto

Minato Namikaze belongs to the powerful Namikaze Clan, a clan that specialized in sealing techniques and using jutsus that did not use hand seals. He was the one that developed several of Naruto’s signature moves like the Shadow Clone Technique and the Rasengan. He also laid the groundwork for Rasen-shuriken, Naruto’s greatest battle jutsu. Minato was known as Konoha’s Yellow Flash, a moniker he earned after he single-handedly defeated an entire invading Sunagakure army by using his Flying Thunder God Technique.

 1. Hashirama Senju – First Hokage

Most Powerful Kages in Naruto

No one, and I mean no one, comes close to the level of power of Hashirama Senju. He is the greatest Hokage to ever exist and is revered by his people. He is also widely regarded as the most powerful ninja ever. Madara Uchiha was never able to defeat him in combat. The user of the dreaded Wood release style, Hashirama was also able to enter Sage Mode and manipulate natural energy. His enormous levels of Chakra could even put a Jinchuriki to shame. He is, without a doubt, the most powerful Kage in the history of ninja-kind.

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