Mighty MCU Heroes Who Don’t Have Special Powers

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has a plethora of heroes who have their particular skillset suited for different kinds of missions or jobs. In a world filled with demi-gods who have the power to wield lighting at will to scientists who have survived gamma blasts, transforming them into a beast with untold potential and power. It is always cool to look up to heroes who can take flight and meet dangers midair even before they touch the ground. We have a bunch of mighty heroes who with their inventions and skills have made notable differences in any fight and to the world. Here is a list of might Marvel Cinematic Universe who may not be blessed with superpowers, but make it up with their own unique sets of skills.

Iron Man

Marvel to Replace Iron Man

The man of the hour, Tony Stark is a genius/billionaire/playboy/philanthropist who has created a shield of armor around the world. His armored suits are not only bulletproof but are capable of flight and even infiltrate behind enemy lines without ever letting the enemies know that he was there. His suits offer his state-of-the-art combat ability, along with his artificial intelligence operating systems like Jarvis & Friday who make it look like a walk in the park.


Underutilized MCU Characters May End up Becoming Mainstream

She is the leader of the Wakandan special forces squad, Dora Milaje that translates to “adored ones”. The special forces squad serves as the King’s bodyguard and at times an infiltration unit sent behind the enemy line for the purpose’s unknown. She is also the general of all the Wakandan armed forces and in a certain battle came close to overpowering the Killmonger with help from her associates.


New Hawkeye Show Replace Jeremy Renner
MCU Heroes Don’t Have Special Powers

Clinton Francis Barton or Clint Barton is your average S.H.I.E.L.D agent with a knack for hitting his targets with a bow and arrow. He is well versed with multiple forms of martial arts and is a force to reckon with in close quarter combats and using his Katana once in a while to yield justice, but the real terror comes in the form of his Bow and arrow which have never missed its mark whether it is thousands of feet in the air or on ground.

Black Widow

The Reason Behind Black Widow Suit

Another of S.H.E.I.L.D’s impressive undercover agents, Natasha Romanoff is a by-product of the infamous Red Academy. Natasha specializes in manipulation, interrogation, and close-quarter combats has even seen handling Hawkeye with ease and is not someone to be trifled with.


T’challa’s sister and the princess to the kingdom of Wakanda, Shuri’s intellect has been seen to overpower the likes of Dr. Bruce Banner. Shuri is responsible for the research and development of the technology being employed in the kingdom of Wakanda including the new sensor-based Black Panther suit that T’challa dons in the movie.


Scott Lang was a former crook, who had a change of heart after meeting Dr. Hank Pym and his technology of ‘Pym particle’. Scott is still on the road to improvement, but massive progress towards becoming a better man when he fought against Yellowjacket in the Ant-Man movie and while being far less superior in terms of knowledge and working of the Pym particle or the Quantum Realm still managed to beat his enemy, while gaining Dr. Pym’s trust.


MCU Heroes Don’t Have Special Powers
MCU Heroes Don’t Have Special Powers

Hope Van Dyke, daughter of Dr. Hank Pym in the second series of Ant-Man was given an upgraded suit by her father, just like that of the Ant-Man the only difference was that this suit had wings and could shoot off blasts of energy from her suit which she calls the ‘Wasp’s Stings’. In addition to this Hope is also an apt martial arts user, so basically what we are trying to say is that she is a better version of the Ant-Man.


Sam Wilson is a former US Air Force pararescue officer who was at the top of his class in the proposed government project called the ‘Falcon’. Sam is extremely skilled with his jetpack with wings and is responsible for bringing down 2 Quinn Jets down all by himself, his flight capabilities are so superior enough to outdo Iron Man.

War Machine

Colonel James Rhodes is a US Air Force officer and the best friend of Tony Stark. His mastery of the War Machine armor can be seen in Iron Man 2 when he and Tony took out an entire army of Hammer drones.

Nick Fury

MCU Heroes Don’t Have Special Powers
MCU Heroes Don’t Have Special Powers

The Master Spy from the Marvel Cinematic Universe is credited to the start of the Avengers Initiative. Nick is a force to reckon with and is always on top of things. He is an event that can survive an army of Hydra agents armed with only a bulletproof car and a mini Minigun.

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