Top 10 Hollywood Movies With Disappointing Endings

In the movie world, the worst thing to happen is when you’re most anticipated movie ends in the most dramatic way possible. The movie starts most spectacularly, but the conclusion comes to an abrupt end and kills the ecstatic zeal that was built up in you. Here are a few of the movies which we felt had a disappointing ending.

Wonder Woman 1984

The movie revolved around the precinct, that anything that you achieve by wronging someone never stays for long unless it’s with hard work and dedication. The movie runs around a stone that grants wishes in exchange for something else very dear to you. The ending of the movie did not compliment the build-up to the story as in the end the villain himself goofs up and gives away his lie and ends having a revelation of some sort (talk about a clichéd ending).


Yes, yes jack could have saved himself by going on the plank and they both could’ve lived happily ever after. But, the disappointing ending to this wonderful movie is not something any of us can change now.

Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull

For all the Indiana Jones Lover’s out there, we do not wish to rain down on your parade. The movie was going great about revealing the lost history, but at the end of a treasure hunt it turned into a sci-fi film and the worst there was nothing that was revealed or gained on reaching the island.

Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker

Major Sith Fleet Plot Hole in The Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars fans were kind of disheartened as to how the story turned out with multiple story twists and the end of a legend, giving rise to a new one. The number of plots that came out in this movie was kind of too many and threw the audience in a dilemma after Palpatine is killed by Ray and Ben Solo aka Kylo Ren dies trying to revive ray after her battle with lord sith. The movie leaves the fans in a whirl of multiple possibilities and fails to give closure.


Underrated Action Movies

The movie is set on a moving train that houses the remaining population on earth divided into 2 halves towards the front and end of the train. The movie escalates with the population forced to the end of the train with the bare minimum fewer cities fight against the elite in the front end of the train. Towards the end, the train finally gets caught in an avalanche and everyone on the train, except for 2 kids, are killed. The two kids step out in the open to see a polar bear, who probably looks hungry.

The Last Air bender

Avatar The Last Airbender Movie Download
Movies With Disappointing Endings

The last air bender is a story about a master bender called the Avatar who is capable of mastering all the basic elements like air, water, earth & fire, and some superior natural elements like lightning. The movie starts with the explanation as to why the last incarnated Avatar was reborn as an Air bender and why he misses the Great War as he is caught in a storm in the ocean and manages to awaken his avatar spirit and go into a hibernation phase for almost a 100 years. The movie ends with Aang mastering only the water element and scaring away the fire nation from the South Pole.

Toy Story 4

The movie leads into a phase where woody is no longer a kid’s favorite toy and struggles to make another toy feel wanted. The story progresses on where Woody abandons his previous group to join a new group of abandoned toys and help them find new homes as they travel with a carnival. The ending of the movie is kind of a knock of and veers off to a different conclusion.


Biggest Horror Movie Icons
Movies With Disappointing Endings

The movie conveniently ends up with people who have committed evil deeds around the killer and the killer can abduct from the most crowded place like a hospital with ease. The Killer has followers who help him with the kidnappings and also conveniently help him study the case file of every victim whom they decide to kill. Kind of clichéd for the Saw franchise.

I am Legend

I Am Legend the King of Outbreak Movies

The movie starts with a news outbreak of a deadly virus and will smith chasing deer’s in a car. The movie revolves around the prelude where all of humanity has fallen to the virus and Will Smith is the last surviving human on ground zero. Through the story we see loneliness creeping in on the protagonist and his attempt on running medical tests of humans infected by the virus. In the end, the protagonist ends up giving the sample of his blood to the mother with a child and self-destructing with a grenade facing the leader of the infected humans.

P.S. – the virus turned humans into vampires, not zombies because zombies cannot be killed by sunlight.

War Of The Worlds

Tom Cruise Highest Grossing Movies

This is probably the most denounced movies of all time. Right from the start, the movie showed how Tom Cruise struggled with everything in his life and all this is fazed by an alien attack and tries to pull things together. The movie proceeds where Cruise’s elder son decides to join the army to fight the aliens and the area which runs off to explode into a ball of fire. As the movie progresses cruise finds a way to defeat the alien race and finds his son to be alive. Talk about a clichéd ending.

So, tell us which one was your favorite disappointment.

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