Harry Potter Movie Mistakes That TV Series Should Avoid

With the TV Series, it is expected that the screenplay will be more in accordance with the events of the book. This means that it will be more detailed and consequently a lot of scenes have to be reimagined and shot differently in its entirety. There will be no issue of screen time and so the expectation from the TV Series to be in sync with the books are higher. However, there were a bunch of mistakes in the movies that have annoyed the fans over the years. And there is no reason the TV Series should be nonchalant about it and repeat the same mistakes. Follow the list below to know what needs to change.

 1. Harry Masking His Real Emotions

Harry Potter Movie Mistakes

The book version of Harry was a likable character who expressed his love and fury quite well. He was nowhere near the stoic and wooden personality that he was portrayed to be in the films. The sassiness, the fun, and especially his anger has to be translated in the TV Series. Fans often complain that The Order of the Phoenix seemed inauthentic because of how toned down Harry’s extreme emotions, especially his rage was.

 2. Misrepresentation of Voldemort

In the book, Voldemort has a snakelike demeanor and the personality of what nightmares are made of. On the other hand, The Voldemort we know from the movies cannot be taken too seriously because of his almost comic acting. This should be avoided in the series and Voldemort should be represented as the scary character he was written as.

 3. Discarding The Characters That Tell Us More About The Main Characters

It might have been convenient to leave out the not so important characters given the tight screen time in the movies. But in reality, these side characters tell us more about the background of the main characters and hence deserve more screen space.

 4. Stereotypical Representation Of The Houses

Harry Potter Movie Mistakes
Harry Potter Movie Mistakes

In the books, the Slytherins are portrayed in a negative light, and so all other Houses. Gryffindor’s negative traits were also justly highlighted. On the other hand, in the movies, the Slytherins are portrayed as the evil House, and the Ravenclaws as the smart pants, the Hufflepuffs were labeled as good for nothing, and the Gryffindor was the one without any fault.

 5. Hiding The Flaws Of Hermione

Hermoine in the books was a girl who devised plans that were up for failure despite all her powers, which portrayed as a character who got better over time. But this human character of hers was ignored in the films and made her a perfect wizard. This was so demeaning for all other characters as their role was not justified knowing Hermoine could always solve every problem. The TV series should highlight her human nature as well instead of totally ignoring that unpleasant side of hers.

 6.  Exaggerating The Powers To Death Eaters

Fans have often found themselves disappointed with how the Death eaters were portrayed as Voldemort substitutes who’d use nonverbal magic and fly like it was no big deal. The series should correctly portray the Death eaters as the extremist who does nothing but hide behind Voldemort’s power and not like the big shot wizards who can bend the rules of magic on their whims.

 7. Creating Totally New Scenes Out Of Nowhere

Harry Potter Movie Mistakes
Harry Potter Movie Mistakes

There are scenes in the latter part of the series that were not even remotely mentioned in the books. The issue with this is that it contradicts the plot and creates a mess in the end. Other scenes, for instance, Beatrice’s attack on the Burrow had no impact on the story, so why was it added out of nowhere? The series should avoid this, and instead accommodate the scenes that the movies missed out, taken directly from the books.

 8. Diminishing Ron To A Comic Personality

The TV series has to do justice to the character of Ron Weasley because of the gross misrepresentation of the character in the movies. The movies had portrayed Ron into a comical character with no significant impact or role, and the fans of the book are hoping for that to change.

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