10 Beloved Heroes Who Did Terrible Things

At times, villains are loved more than the heroes in a movie. This phenomenon is not new if we look at Loki, one of the most favorite bad guys. After all, villains can have a reason to go rogue and some of them also have British accents. But we are bound to arch our eyebrows when a hero does something he/she is not supposed to do. We look up to them but it gets impossible to follow some of their actions. Here are 10 terrible heroes in movies we are supposed to love.

John Hammond

John Hammond from the books was filtered and purified a great deal for “Jurassic Park”. But much can you filter out from a bad guy? He literally took his grandkids to a park full of dinosaurs without ensuring the security measures. In a way, he experimented on the kids to check the security of the park with deadly and monstrous creatures.

Luke Skywalker

Heroes Did Terrible Things
Heroes Did Terrible Things

When Luke made his way through the Sail barge of Jabba the Hut, he went on a killing spree and shot everyone on his way. Killing the villains like Jabba was a must, but what about the innocent slaves on it? Luke didn’t even care to pause and set his targets. Guess, he just enjoyed splashing blood.


“Inside Out” was all about Riley’s emotions that were individuals themselves. One of the most energetic and enthusiastic emotion was Joy. She was happy, optimistic, and always tried to make good out of every situation. Her only aim was to ensure Riley’s happiness but that quest turned too dangerous when she went on creating new imaginary characters that were bound to die.

Ron Weasley

Weasley Twins

Here is another Weasley from the Harry Potter franchise who knew no limits to his jokes. He legit mocked girls behind their back that he found less pretty during the ball. Hermione had to endure a lot to make Ron understand how cruelly House-elves were treated. Even though J.K. Rowling never mentioned explicitly what the centaurs did to Umbridge, according to Greek Mythology, Centaurs were infamous for raping. After Umbridge was recovered from the Forbidden Forest, she was badly traumatized but didn’t bear any wounds. No matter how evil Umbridge was, nothing can excuse Ron for making horse noises to rush back her memories.


Heroes Did Terrible Things
Heroes Did Terrible Things

Shere Khan’s fears were justified given how we humans really are destroying forests. However, generalizing it and attacking Mowgli for it is plain prejudice. But wait for a second! Mowgli does end up setting the forest ablaze.


Alfred was a father figure to Batman but that doesn’t mean all his advices were useful. Alfred and his men burned down the whole forest and tried to justify it by blaming an outlaw in “The Dark Knight”. He claimed that he had to burn down the trees as they were chasing a bandit. What message does that leave for the Dark Knight who has to find Joker in the dark streets of Gotham?


Heroes Did Terrible Things
Heroes Did Terrible Things

When Luke had to go and save his friends, Yoda told him “help them you could, but you would destroy ALL for which they have fought and suffered.”. But it made no sense, as not only were his friends rescued but they could also bring Lando on board. Yoda may be cute, but that wasn’t cool.

Captain America

Where was Steve Rogers when the President of America was abducted in “Iron Man 2”? What emergency could be bigger for ‘Captain America’ than this national threat? Tony Stark may have made a few mistakes on his part too, but at least he tried to save the day.

Fred and George Weasley

Fred and George were the most beloved characters in the “Harry Potter” franchise. They were some of our personal favorites, though we knew how far their pranks could go sometimes. The twins didn’t realize that some of the items in their joke shop were seriously dangerous. Take the love-potion for instance. Anyone could misuse it with the intention of rape.


Heroes Did Terrible Things

The car chases in “Fast and Furious” are so intense that we often miss out on casualties and chaos around. During one of the scenes, Dom was almost going to run over a pedestrian. Luckily, the woman was saved by a few seconds.

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