10 Frightening Scenes In Movies That No One Saw Coming

We don’t expect butterflies and angels while watching action and crime thrillers. But some scenes are so disturbing in these movies that we need extra minutes to process them. Even though we shouldn’t expect anything lesser from the genre, these painful scenes come out of nowhere and throw us for a loop. We knew there was action and blood involved, but no one saw this coming. So here are 10 frightening and disturbing scenes in movies that caught us off guard. Which one shocked you the most?

Fatal Attraction

The psychological thriller had its own share of disturbing moments owing to its theme. But the film decided to take it a notch higher and scarred us for life with one particular moment. Yes, we are talking about the infamous bunny boiling scene. The drama slowly and creepily becomes dark as Alex’s obsession with Dan begins to get stronger. But unlike other thrillers where human murders are inevitable, in “Fatal Attraction”, Alex decided to literally boil the bunny of Dan’s daughter. And the movie didn’t shy away from showing us the process.


“Oldboy” was appreciated by the critics for its mind-boggling suspense and shattering plot twists. But its plot was a nightmare that made everyone sick. The film starts with a man named Dae-su who gets abducted and held captive for about 15 years, away from his daughter. When he finally gets out, Dae-su goes on a mission to find his captor and the reason for his 15-year long confinement. Meanwhile, he also begins to date a young chef named Mi-do and the two ended up sleeping together. In our quest to find the captor, no one saw what the climax held for us. When Dae-Su finally came across his kidnapper, the series of revelations knocked us off our feet. The kidnapper turned out to be a man whom Daw-Su exposed for having an illicit relationship with his own sister. It turns out that he was seeking revenge for his sister’s suicide, as Dae-Su’s girlfriend, Mi-do was his long lost daughter.

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Frightening scenes in movies

Forget about crime-thrillers! Who knew what was awaiting them in this kids’ movie? “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory” is a horror film lurking behind the children’s bright colors, chocolates, candies, and songs. Without these elements, it is a horror story of a sinister businessman who lures kids and tortures them for being greedy or stubborn. Just like classic horror and slasher movies, the children are picked up to meet their fate one by one. From Willy Wonka’s creepy smile to the kids being thrown over molten chocolate river, trash chute with an incinerator, and more, it’s a nightmare for both children and adults.


“Snowpiercer” started as the brewing battle between the backward class and the privileged lords on a train. Chris Evans’ Curtis is introduced as the hero of the oppressed who is hell-bent on taking this revolt further. But we were almost thrown off our seats when the supposed hero revealed how he dealt with hunger in his younger days. Beaten with starvation, Curtis and the other passengers had resorted to cannibalism once. In fact, his second-in-command, Edgar, who worshipped Curtis and saw him as his hero, was also Curtis’ target meal as a baby.

The Godfather

Frightening scenes in movies
Frightening scenes in movies

No one was expecting melody and laughter in this classic gangster-crime. Blood and violence were inevitable behind the parties and the famous wedding. But we didn’t know the extent of savagery that Coppola hid in the shadows. After the head of the studios, Jack Woltz turns down the wish of Don’s son to star in his movie, he woke up to his favorite horse’s head-on bed the next morning.

Don’t Breathe

“Don’t Breathe” is a thriller where a gang of three thieves break into a blind war veteran’s house. But we are taken on a spin when we learn that the visually challenged old man isn’t as vulnerable as we think he is. In fact, you will find yourselves praying for the petty criminals as they fall into a chasm of horrors. As more and more thrillers are hitting the cinemas, they are finding new ways to terrify the audience. The most horrific scene was when the blind man hung up the woman and tried to impregnate her with a dropper of his sperm. She is, however, saved at the last minute and literally gives him the taste of his own medicine semen by shoving it down his throat.

Avengers: Infinity War

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Superhero films usually have happy endings that leave the audience with hope ad positivity. The heroes had always defeated the big bad and celebrated their victories in Shawarma shops in the history of MCU Avengers. That’s until “Infinity War” came into the picture. Even though comic book fans knew that Thanos had a short victory by snapping half of the population away, the majority consisting of movie fans weren’t prepared for it. No one knew that MCU had divided the Infinity War into two movies. So, when the Mad Titan, Thanos got all the stones and snapped half the heroes, including Spider-Man, Wanda, and Doctor Strange into dust, the audience couldn’t speak for the next few moments.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Frightening scenes in movies
Frightening scenes in movies

The adventures of Indiana Jones took a dark turn at the end of this film in a pretty graphic manner. When the Nazis capture Indiana Jones and get their hands on the Ark of the Covenant, the hero advises Marian not to look at Ark. While the two shut their eyes closed, the Nazis can’t help but gaze at their treasure. As they open the box, they are consumed by all the freed spirits emerging from it.


The crime-mystery “SE7EN” centered on a serial killer who murdered people based on their seven deadly sins. In the end, the serial killer John Doe turns himself in but after committing something that we couldn’t dream of. He made the two detectives go to a field where they found a box mailed by Doe. What could have possibly been in the box? It turns out that Doe committed the final sin of ‘envy’ and killed detective David Mills’ pregnant wife. He mailed him the head of his dead wife in the box to provoke the final sin of ‘wrath’.


Frightening scenes in movies
Frightening scenes in movies

One of the most disgusting scenes in the history of cinemas belongs to “Alien”. Everyone, including the ones who haven’t even seen the horror-sci-fi is aware of this traumatic episode. Tensions start to mount when the Nostromo crew visits a crashed alien ship. All we can hear is the heart thumping in the silence and suspense when they investigate the creepy ship. Then all of a sudden, one of the members, Kane is attacked by an alien but fortunately manages to get it away from himself. But just when we begin to get comfortable watching the crew eating, Kane’s chest bursts open as a baby alien emerges out of it.

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