10 Celebrities Who Have Shocking Superhero-Like Abilities

We all love to get lost in the world of superheroes. Even though they are fictional, their adventures and superpowers act as a beacon of hope for us. As superhero fans, we are sure that you have wondered if people with enhanced powers and abilities exist in real life. Well, some people have existed amongst us with inexplicable skills and qualities. There are not magical but are surely exceptional and uncommon. You may even know some of them as they are already famous. Find out 10 celebrities who have shocking superhero-like abilities.

Bruce Lee

You need not to be taught about the amazing martial arts skills of Bruce Lee. He was a legend not only for his combat and acting chops but also for being the first Asian-American actor to play the lead in a Hollywood movie. However, his talents turned out to be quite troublesome for the cameraman as he was too fast. While filming “The Green Hornet”, Bruce Lee was so fast that the camera couldn’t capture his stunts. All it recorded was people fall down from his attacks.

Billy Joel

Celebrities Superhero-Like Abilities
Celebrities Superhero-Like Abilities

Billy Joel aka the Piano Man has swept us off our feet with some of the most iconic songs of the music industry. According to sources, the great music composer has synesthesia which enables him to see colors in music and compose the songs. People with synesthesia experience multiple senses at the same time when the information is supposed to stimulate only one of their senses. They can see the sound and taste words. In fact, there are more artists who have synesthesia. The types of synesthesia that Billy Joel has are chromesthesia and grapheme-color.

Stephen Hawking

One of the greatest gifts to mankind was the exceptional theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking who made groundbreaking discoveries in the field of science. It’s no news that the man who worked on the physics of black holes was a genius. He could solve path integrals in his head. Whereas for commoners like us, the head spins even at the sight of path integrals.

Mike Tyson

There is no iota of doubt that the famous boxer Mike Tyson’s punch would show us stars and galaxies. He was a professional boxer after all and we wouldn’t dare to take his smacks lightly. But according to an expert, Tyson’s punch will hit you with the same force as that of a car windshield running at 50Mph. We hope that the person on the receiving end of his smack also has enough super powers to endure it.

Freddie Mercury

Celebrities Superhero-Like Abilities
Celebrities Superhero-Like Abilities

The “Bohemian Rhapsody” singer, Freddie Mercury had a unique voice that drove everyone insane. He was known for his four-octave range and for his exuberance. But according to scientists, the qualities he possessed were more than his four-octave range. Some even compared this tenor to another great tenor, Luciano Pavarotti, and claimed that Mercury could control his vibrato even better.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise may not play comic book superheroes but are his movie characters any lesser? In fact, unlike other superhero actors who rely on stunt doubles, Tom Cruise performs his own stunts. But we aren’t going to praise his actions stunts in Mission: Impossible here. According to reports, the no. 1 action star can hold his breath for six minutes and 30 seconds. He got to show off his underwater skills in Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. Cruise really makes us believe in fictional action movies.

Brendon Urie

Celebrities Superhero-Like Abilities

Panic! at the Disco started as a rock band led by four friends. But now it is under Brendon Urie who works as a one-man army for the band. He can play all the musical instruments incredibly well. In fact, you can hear him play all of them in his latest album.

Marilu Henner

Marilu Henner reportedly has an eidetic memory which helps her a lot in her profession as an actor. The star of the “Taxi” TV series is one of the rare people who have Hyperthymesia. A very small group of people are blessed with this ability which allows them to recall every event of their life in detail.

Michael Jackson

The legendary music sensation ever naturally had special abilities that engraved his name in history. There is no doubt about MJ’s musical talents but he had more than what we knew. Michael Jackson was god-gifted with the ability to compose music in his head and at the same time play all the harmony, chord, etc., by beat-boxing.

Nikola Tesla

One of the greatest and most respected inventors in history is Nikola Tesla. He is known for developing an induction motor that ran on alternating current and even defeated Edison in his inventions. But Thomas Edison’s better marketing tactics made him the more popular inventor who developed electric power generation. According to people who knew Tesla, he could solve complicated calculus so fast in his head in the class that the teachers doubted him of cheating.

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